New Saucerian proudly presents “My Visit to Venus,” the rarest of T. Lobsang Rampa’s books. It was rescued from the dustbin by Gray Barker, who provides an . Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus. Forword by John A. Keel Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was. Written by T. Lobsang Rampa, narrated by Steve White. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Brawny marked it as to-read Mar 05, The whole interior of the ship was lined with a network of conductors so that no matter what attitude a ship vwnus, the force of gravity was at all times that most suitable for venue occupants. This description was composed exclusively of paraphrases on the Lobsang Rampa book under review.

Lists with This Book. We felt very ignorant in their presence, but they did everything possible to answer ourquestions and set us at ease.

We sat, the seven of us in a row, facing the end of the room, and waited. These New Agers were preoccupied with flying saucers and the space brethren who were issuing stern warnings about our atomic follies. The black gave way to purple, the purple to red- brown, and then to scarlet-red, and then behind us again we saw pinpoints of light. Even more impossible was the task of interpreting what was going on. They prevent you from slipping off yet they yield to every movement.

But that was not the strangest thing before us, for the plain contained a ruined city, and yet some buildings were quite intact. Behind us the Earth had disappeared. Frozen pellets of ice driven by the howling gale hammered like bullets into our flapping robes and tore the skin off any exposed surface.

The Broad One and the spokes-man got in with us. How mistaken I was, for that was but the first of many trips. Strive on, and enter the fog belt again, for there is much for you to see.

You and I have had a hard time at the hands of the igno- rant and spiteful, and I have NEVER been afforded any opportunity of giving my own side of the case. As we went higher we found that the strange lights were playing about outside the windows as if the rainbow had come in sheets, undulating sheets, but here were more colors than any rainbow ever possessed. I watched other vessels nearby, and people working on them. A section of clear plastic slid aside and we were shown inside.


Before we had been too busy marveling at the method of our descent. Mandala Altantogos rated it it was amazing Jun 23, I was also registered with a number of private Employment Agencies and paid quite a considerable amount to them in fees, but none of them did anything for me.

We saw a ladder extending up into a dark opening and, feeling as if we trod sacred ground, we crept up, one by one. Paperback59 pages. Gradually the machine sank, lower and lower, until it was obscured from the view by much larger tubular vessel. Here we were, far up above the earth, going higher and higher, until at last we were completely free of the atmosphere.

Sadly we got aboard this space ship, and sadly we returned to the Hidden Valley; never again, I thought, shall I see such wonderful things.

Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus

Behind us, to our amazed stupefaction, there was nothing at all save darkness, blackness, the blackness of an utter void. A picture came on the wall again, but this time a different picture.

Vast tongues of flame leapt from its circumference, while its surface presented itself to us as a writhing mass, freely marked with dark blobs. Into our minds flooded thought, his thought, telepathy.

As it passed over us we were flattened to the earth as if by a very strong wind, as if our weight had surprisingly doubled on the instant. And, like so many other victims of Cosmic Illumination, he abandoned his former life completely. We do not use anything so slow as ships on this world. When I swung at the end of a rope, or when I flew in a kite I certainly felt.

But his books were poorly received during his life-time. Vsit our stay venuss Venus, indeed, we saw no one who was not by earth standards startlingly beautiful. I had been taught that the earth was flat, now I knew better because I could see myself that the earth was round globe like go ball with which I used to play.


I could think that the buildings were moving and not us, because we had no sensation of moving nor of speed. The newspapers would not give him any space and only one television station offered t ointerview him provided he followed a script they wrote! The Broad One said. Thus he has an internal and an external nature or mind It struck the land and engulfed the houses—the once stately metropolis.

My Visit to Venus by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

In July,he again made a sudden decision; this time to give up his job! Earth time loses its meaning in these adventures. In fact, Barker provides a letter from a Tibetan Buddhist scholar stating that Rampa’s writings about the inner workings of Tibetan Buddhism were quite accurate and actually revealed closely guarded secrets of the Himalayan monasteries.

Demis Seifu marked it as to-read Feb 16, Osiris Oliphant rated it really liked it Feb 27, Instead of pinpoints of light we saw streaks as if some rmpa artist had daubed a black wall with glowing colors which changed as we looked at them. Several years ago, I was mysteriously drawn to a cemetery on Long Island after a rash of strange phone calls and eerie instructions from various UFO contactees.

My Visit to Venus

A section of the floor rose up as a table, and with it appeared seats upon which we could recline in the old fashioned Eastern way, and not be cooped up in the Western style.

This book is a trip. This he did to the consternationof his employer who had always found him to be a very useful and conscientious member of his staff. Venys there is no more space to go into greater detail.

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