______ DIVISIONAL OFFICE. FORM OF RECEIPT FOR THE SURRENDER VALUE OF POLICY NO. Surrender Value including Cash Value of Bonus and premiums refundable on account of occupation extra and / or / (Rev.). Online Forms. LIC’s Pensioner’s Page. Claims Under Regular Life Insurance Policies Death Claims: The person legally entitled to receive the policy monies. – Online Insurance, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Mediclaim, PA, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance.

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Hi Neeraj, Thank you for the information and confirming my findings that there is no information available about surrendering on the LIC website!

Downloads: LIC Form – 5074 & 3510 – for Surrender Value

Neeraj Presently i am out of india. Hi Rani, As far as I recollect, it took around days for me to get back my money. Anonymous July 22, at 4: Vorm can also call up the Helpdesk and inquire if you can submit Bangalore’s form in Tamil Nadu.

Could you please advice me is there any way to get my money back now?


Make That Easy !: How to Surrender an LIC Policy ?

Neeraj Sinha December 7, at 9: I would suggest you to check with the surrrender LIC office. Hi Thitherwards, we do need to send the original Policy Document along with the filled forms. LIC is very prompt with online money transfer. However, you can call up LIC Customer care and they should be able to help you how much refund you would get when you cancel. Srinivas Murthy April 24, at 1: It is not important for you to submit these documents personally. But now I have decided to cancel the policy totally and wanted to know how much will be deducted from the premium amount when I get a refund.

This only documents the procedure of doing so, should you ever feel the need, depending on your financial situation. You save me lot of time and trouble: Hi Neeraj, I have just taken a LIC Money back policy but after anaysing this policy i have found that it is not beneficial for me and now i want to cancel this policy Could you plz help me out.

I would suggest you walk down to the nearest LIC office and speak to them with the procedure. I closed my existing policies and do not much idea on your scenario. Is this a clause?


Surrender Form Form No 5074 3510

I don’t have the agent contact number and i can’t travel to bangalore only for this purpose. Anonymous November 16, at 7: Neeraj Sinha July 17, at 2: Bala, please check this at the nearest LIC office.

Hi Neeraj, Very useful information, Thanks for this. Anonymous August 12, at I am not very 5047 if you can use Bangalore’s form in Tamil Nadu.

Or is the agent not being true to me? Fill up all the forms. Hari, The money got credited into my savings account in about 20 days.

How long does it take to credit. How much annual premium is advisable to pay befor surrendering the policy?

Anonymous November 25, at 1: You can however reconfirm at a local LIC office. Praveen Amarghade April 12, at 1: