JEEVAN SARAL – (Table Nos. ). Benefit Illustration. Introduction It gets a share of the profits in the form of loyalty additions which are terminal bonuses. You just need to click on the required form link of Life Insurance Corporation of India and LIC ECS Mandate Form – Click here to download ECS form; LIC Form Lic Jeevan Sangam Policy no · Lic Jeevan Saral Policy Plan No . Detailed Review & Our Recommendation on LIC Jeevan Saral Plan. Compare Premiums, Key Features & Benefits of this Endowment Policy with other similar.

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Extended risk cover for one year after 3 years premium payment. Thus, the Death Benefit would be the same irrespective of age of entry and policy term since it depends only on chosen premium amount but the Maturity Benefit would differ according to varied age of entry and policy term. Yearly Amount of annual premium: Minimum Maximum Sum Assured in Rs. The policy earal allow partial surrender from 4th year onwards subject to certain terms and conditions. I think the question was asked by Anand, not Sagar.

Either believe your agents or facts shown by jefvan. LIC Jeevan Saral – Key Features It offers certain flexibilities unlike other endowment plans and hence is a Special Plan The policyholder is allowed to select the premium amount and Sum Assured gets determined thereafter The policy will allow partial surrender from 4th year onwards subject to certain terms and conditions Under the same, the policyholder would be liable to choose a flexible term for premium payment Premium is chosen by the policyholder and Sum Assured is times the Monthly Premium amount.


The maturity proceeds of Jeevan Saral are also exempted from tax under Section 10 10D. Also, in search of getting profit from these, you pay more chatr more and finally end up with savings account return. Chandra-First check with LIC branch how much you get if you stop now or pay for next three years. For higher terms, loyalty additions have not been declared hence it cannot be calculated.

LIC Jeevan Saral Plan – Review, Key Features & Benefits

In case you stop the premium payment- If you stop the premium payment after 3 policy years then the policy would be able to acquired a Paid Up Value for a Reduced Sum Assured but the policy would be eligible for any future regular additions. It offers certain flexibilities unlike other endowment plans and hence is a Special Plan. By the way, the maturity sum assured of the policy it self will be higher compared to the total premium paid as your age at the commencement of the policy was just 25 years.

What is my surrender value today. The death benefit is directly related to the premiums paid.

LIC Jeevan Saral

Hi Anish i took Saral policy in yearly premium 72, upto now i paid all premiums and like to surrender this policy. Connect with Us Contact Us Feedback. Shashank Kumar 22 June at How much i am getting after 10 years in worst case.

If I wish to continue upto 3 years, how much i cahrt get all total? Scenario 2Amount payable at the end of year on death satal the year Rs.


Need your expertise, Chaet You. This policy can only be surrendered after the completion of 3 years.


If yes then what is the process to change jfevan term? You will get the extended risk cover for one year after 3 years premium payment. Sir, I am Harikrishnastarted paying Jeevan Saral t. Options are available for terms 10 to 35 years. Maximum monthly premium is Rs. Abhijeet Salve 8 August at Actually in policy bond, bonus is not included. Jeevann I want to know I purchase lics jeevan saral policy for 30 liic of monthly premium on 27 age so what will be return i will get at maturity of policy.

The Maturity Sum Assured plus Loyalty additions, if any, is payable in a lump sum. If I wish to continue upto 5 years, how much i will get all total? YYYY This is an Endowment Assurance plan where the proposer has simply to choose the amount and mode of premium payment. Our Products Motor Insurance.

The monthly premium for the age group of 12 years to 49 years is Rs. So how I am getting such a low amount which is approx. The Special Surrender Value is paid and is generally more than the Guaranteed Surrender Value, which however is subject to the particular period for which the premiums payments are done without failure.