Obtaining Service During. Warranty Period New editions are complete revisions of the manual. Change sheets, which may be The HP DesignJet CM printer is an E/A0 size large-format inkjet printer which can print in. Download HP DESIGNJET , C, CT, CM SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download DesignJet , C, Cplus, CM Service from folder Printers DesignJet. Service Manual pdf. From folder: Printers HP DesignJet.

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Paper – Heavyweight coated paper 6 mil – 61cm manuaal x The PB signal to the media motor driver causes the media motor to drive the media down, over the entry platen and out of the plotter.

Wiper Stepper Motor The wiper stepper motor is mounted on the service station and connects to the main Dezignjet through the service-station cable. Bushing – Rear slider rod bushing Spring loaded – Slides into the rear center of the carriage assembly.

This test also allows you to view get which plotter model is currently set. Causes The medias does not control the dot growth. Third-party ink and off- axis ink systems.

Film – Polyester matte film – B size 11 x inches – 40 sheets. It calls attention to a procedure, practice, or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury.

The cartridge alignment procedure is also performed as part of this calibration. Release the trailing cable passing it through the ferrites. Retain the shipping container and insulation material for the carrier’s inspection.


If the mark encoder is not in the upper position, then perform the Mark Position test page The dual-voltage, remote sensing circuitry sends an analog sensing signal to the dual voltage regulators on the main PCA. Check the baud rate and parity settings on the front panel and in the software application configuration.

Bail Stepper The purpose of this test is to verify the operation of the bail stepper motor.

HP DESIGNJET 700 Service Manual

Do not lever the window up more than is necessary, so as not to strain or break the left pivot. A dual lens system with a unity conjugate ratio system directs xervice light from the illuminated surface to the line-sensor. Press Enter if you want to 755fm with the test. Spring – Compression spring – Installed between pincharm assembly and bushing.

Perform the line sensor calibration whenever the: Danish Spain: This double-lever system provides the plotter with leading and trailing edge-sensing capability for media-length measurement. Pinchwheel Sensor The purpose of this test is to verify the operation of the pinchwheel sensor.

Using this procedure you will be able to determine exactly which component fa iled. Check the wipers and caps of the Service Station and if necessary, replace the service station page It also provides a media edge-sensing capability to the plotter for width measurement. Serious shock hazard leading to death or injury may result desigbjet the plotter is not properly grounded.

HP Troubleshooting page for CB DesignJet CM Printer

If the window is lowered when the “Cover Up I Stop Move the plotters away from such copiers. Only replace one component at a time and check if the error mxnual gone before replacing another component. Replace the main PCA page By completing and submitting this form you consent to the use of your data in accordance with HP’s Privacy statement.


No part of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated into another language without the prior written consent of Hewlett- Packard Company. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Signals from the print-control ASIC fire the nozzles in the print heads.

Tx15 5 Slide the center cover out from under the screws and lift it manul of the plotter. Electrical Shock Hazard Serious shock hazard leading to death or servoce may result if you do not take the following precautions: A pressure of one atmosphere, commonly used as a reference level in asessing sound pressure. If you have an error code which is not documented in this Service Manual or you have an error which you cannot resolve, then report the error to the HP Response Center or the nearest HP Support Office.

Rest the bottom arm of the linkage on top of the stepper-motor shaft. Using this procedure, the servo processor provides the main processor with information from the plotter sensors.

There is a workaround: If desigbjet, troubleshoot the X-axis mechanics and circuitry. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Kit – Hardware kit for printer stand – Includes screwdriver, screws, washers, and media bin retaining clips.