I couldn’t tell you the exact year, but I’m pretty sure I was around 10 years old or so What I do very clearly remember was that it was on a Saturday afternoon. Hand Balancing for Muscular Development is a book written by Bill Hinbern on learning to do hand balancing. This book was actually for first. Hand-balancing is one of the most effective exercise programs you can do to develop Bill Hinbern is the unquestioned expert on the subject of hand- balancing.

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Despite the recent surge in popularity of bodyweight training, I find a curious lack of one form of training that I was sure would be making a comeback in a big way. Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Musculqr Hinbern is a paper and ink printed course and is not available in e-book musculaf.

All the big names in bodybuilding hung out there. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to do this! Feats of strength – http: All of these stars started out learning the basic principles found in this course and progressed to more elaborate combinations. Develop Power, Flexibility and Athleticism. It is with you msucular the time, where ever you go. An Anatomy chart of all the major muscle groups Even the beginner hand stands are hard for me when I attempt repetitions, but I continue to practice and seek to improve.


It is excellent and I was one of the first to buy a copy. Start building them with these four stretching exercises.

Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill Hinbern –

Start off with 10 different Beginning Hand-Balances: Many were as adept at performing bodyweight feats as they were at lifting any barbell. Will let you know about my progress. Four different stretching exercises for maintaining strong, flexible shoulders. How to walk up and down stairs on your hands. Want to develop a powerful upper body?

The below webpage links out to articles that describe these feats. How to train for the MOST impressive hand-balancing feat of all.

balancong My intentions were admittedly to be able to show off in a more dramatic manner…. That is right, you are the equipment and the world is the gymnasium.

devepopment No need to worry about those excuses EVER again. One of the most popular methods of doing this is using a common kitchen chair but you can learn to do it just about anywhere. The 2 keys to practicing hand balancing with or without a partner Never rush your training – milk each exercise for all the strength gains you can possibly get fevelopment of it before moving up in intensity or load. I hope more will come soon.

The 4 basic parts of the perfect hand balance and why you will end up flat on your face if you leave out any of them. I do not do much in the way of weights, just body weight circuits and kettlebells, and have started to include the basics into my training sessions headstands, frog position. A popular place around was Muscle Beach in California.


They also understood that you don’t necessarily have to go through super long, protracted workouts every single day to become insanely strong, or machines, or a gym. You will ginbern receive hinbrn subscription until you click that link to activate it.

Hand-Balancing requires flexible shoulders. It was well presented and easy to follow.

I have only just begun but am looking forward to doing my first unsupported handstand some time in the future! Kick-up into a handstand! Just did my 1st headstand.

Hand Balancing for Muscular Development

An explanation of the 4 basic parts of a handstand. Thank you very much! Great Strength Meets Agility Some of the greatest strongmen in develoment were expert hand-balancers.

Very well put together. The hand Balancing movement that is also one of the very best for building abdominal strength. Thanks to strength author, historian, and publisher Bill Hinbern, the lost art of hand-balancing lives again.