The GSI 61 is the versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer from the most respected name in the audiologic industry — Grason-Stadler. With its state-of-the -art. GSI 61™. CLINICAL AUDIOMETER. Product. Specifications. General Specifications. • ”(W) x ”(D) x ”(H) (LCD raised). • Height with LCD. GSI 61 ™ CLINICAL TWO-CHANNEL AUDIOMETER Configure Your Own Audiometric System Thanks to all the options available with the GSI 61, you can.

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When the Channel 1 dB returns to audoometer level at which the selected difference between the two channels can resume, Channel 2 again tracks Channel 1.

Bend the cord next to the plug at both ends of each earphone. Flexible routing selections permit the user to select that which is appropriate for the test sequence. Explain to the patient: The intensity of the signal controlled by the attenuators is first set to 0 dB HL and raised 10 dB after each reading is complete until a positive result is seen. The display shows which earphone the noise is presented in. Please note that the audiometer must be calibrated to the type of earphone you select.

Make a note for future reference. Simply select the desired COM port and accept the default parameters for baud rate, parity, etc.

Masking noise may be routed to the contralateral ear through Channel 2. When Tracking is active, a message is displayed on the LCD. STOP This button is used to stop a test sequence both automatic and manual.

If distortion is heard in one earphone but not in the other, the chances are high that mahual earphone is at fault and should be replaced. If a printer is connected to the GSI 67 this screen will show after saving the calibration data: Initiates a data record transfer of the current test type selected on the remote dip switches.

The reference frequency is increased in intensity in 20 dB steps above threshold. Using either live voice or recorded speech, present the standardized word lists W-1 and W-2 Appendix 1 in the guidetesting the better ear first. Biological Calibration Check This fraying can decrease or increase the signal servive or an intermittent signal as the cord is flexed.


Grason-Stadler (GSI) – Audiology Solutions Network

Indicates that there is no test data available to be erased or printed. Assist the patient with the earphones or bone vibrator placement. HL set to closest possible value. This will erase all patient data from the internal memory except in version 2.

When the last digit is entered, press ENTER and the calibration sheet printout menu will show in the display if a printer is connected. The Tracking pushbutton allows the operator to synchronize intensity changes on Channel 2 with those made on Channel 1.

This record is not GSI 16 compatible. If the RTS signal is false at the start of a transmission, xervice goes false during a transmission, the GSI 61 will mwnual for 6 seconds for the signal to return true. Insert phones are ideal for hearing aid evaluations where they can used to accurately simulate situations for speech testing of hearing aided patients.

B Chapter 2 – Installation Loudspeaker Installation The installation of the Basic Speakers,with the GSI 61 provides a guaranteed maximum level in speech of 90 dB HL with a 6 ft x 6 ft room, and the patient seated one meter from the speakers. X Use to activate pulsed and for special functions and in the set-up menu.

GSi 61 User Manual

Prevention from external interrupts pat. Switch the tone off for at least 2 seconds, then present the tone again at the same level. If the record is invalid, an error record is transmitted back to the remote janual.

Current output in dB HL for Channel 1 and Channel 2; also the stimulus, transducer and routing currently selected for each channel. Talk Forward can be used with any available transducer, including the optional High Frequency earphones. The 6 MHz master maual for the sound generation is located in crystal module IC The minimum contralateral interference is determined in the same manner previously described using spondees.


Grason-Stadler GSI 61 Manual Rev B

Invalid Selection If all of the above is satisfied, a check is done to see if the printer is connected and ready to receive data. The Channel 1 and Channel 2 rotary controls adjust the intensity of the sound presented through the monitor headphone or speaker. Present one word on the list and, if the response is correct, lower the level by 2 dB.

The GSI 66 has sedvice unique features, which makes it one of the most time effective and reliable audiometers on the market today. The GSI 61 provides hearing level limits to at least the values listed.

Do not drop them nor allow them to be banged together. If more than one examination is stored, each examination is on a separate row. To check for either condition, turn on the GSI Masking Level Check Activate the masking noise.

This must be no greater than 1 m from the speaker to insure the minimum published GSI 67 output limits. Chapter 2 – Installation Insert Phone Outputs Monaural phone jacks for left and right insert phones or patch cords.

If distortion is heard in one earphone but not the other, the chances are high that the earphones are at fault and should be replaced. Placement of the Bone Vibrator The bone vibrator may be placed on the promontory of the mastoid process or on the forehead, whichever has been gsl for calibration. This can be rectified by simply powering down for approximately thirty seconds and then restarting operation. The clearly labelled front panel controls and full frequency range make accurate, reliable testing a simple matter.

Correct date and time is automatically given by an integrated clock.