Syllabus for GPAT Paper. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal. GPAT results are announced!!!! Click here to know your result!! For GPAT material, stay tuned to this site after NIPER-JEE [ ]. The GPAT question paper will consist of one hundred fifty ( Nos.) a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects ( as per the syllabus given in.

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Morphological, taxonomical, chemical and pharmacological classification of drugs; Study of medicinally important plants belonging to the families with special reference to: Two or more markings of choices for one question is not allowed and will be considered invalid.

Yellow color is obtained, if proteins are present. After completely filling it and rectifying pharmxcy and all errors if present, send the form before the last date of submission.

GPAT Archives –

For online registration, the candidates are to download and print the application forms. Transformation, conjugation, transduction, protoplast fusion and gene cloning gpag their applications. Chemotherapy of malignancy and immunosuppressive agents. Downloads posted Jul 29,1: Plant bitters and sweeteners. Principle and method of extraction, preparation of infusion, tinctures, dry and soft liquid extracts; Blood Products and Plasma Substitutes: Anti-hypertensives, Anti-arrythmic agents, anti-anginal agents, Cardiotonics, Anti-hyperlipedemic agents, Anticoagulants and Anti-platelet drugs; Thyroid and Anti thyroid syllabuss Insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents; Chemotherapeutic Agents used in bacterial, fungal, viral, protozoal, parasitic and other infections, Antibiotics: Keep an alarm to remind you.

GPAT 2012 Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table

Study Material posted Jul 22, Common vernacular names, botanical sources, morphology, chemical nature of chief constituents, pharmacology, categories and common uses and marketed formulations of following indigenous drugs: If a red precipitate of cuprous oxide is formed within two minutes, mono-saccharides are present.


Adulteration of crude drugs and their detection by organoleptic, microscopic, physical, chemical and biological methods and properties. List of Bengali Entrance Exams Next: The test is employed for digitoxose containing glycosides. Syllabux mg of residue of each extract was taken in 2 ml of chloroform and in it 2 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid was added from the side of the test tube. How to do M.

Jain Natural Products Chemistry: How can I get information regarding admit card? Non-linear pharmacokinetics with special reference to one compartment model after I.

The test tube was shaken for few minutes. Sources’ of Information on drugs, disease, treatment schedules, procurement of information, Computerized services e. Utilization of aromatic plants and derived products with special reference to sandalwood oil, mentha oil, lemon grass oil, vetiver oil, geranium oil and eucalyptus oil.

Basic Mechanisms involved in the process of inflammation and repair: Prescription filling, drug profile, patient medication profile, cases on drug interaction and adverse reactions, idiosyncratic cases.

Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products: Reset Password Enter the username or e-mail sllabus used in your profile.


Systematic pharmacognostic study of the followings: Advantages and disadvantages of tablets, Application of different types of tablets, Formulation of different types of tablets, granulation, technology on large-scale by various techniques, different types of tablet compression machinery and the equipments employed, evaluation of tablets. Actinomycetes, bacteria, rickettsiae, spirochetes and viruses; Identification of Microbes: A brief account of plant based industries and institutions involved in work on medicinal and aromatic plants in India.

Nomenclature, enzyme kinetics and their mechanism of action, mechanism of inhibition, enzymes and iso-enzymes in clinical diagnosis; Co-enzymes: Concepts of oxidation and reduction, Redox reactions, Strengths and equivalent weights of oxidizing and reducing agents, Theory of redox titrations, Redox indicators, Cell representations, Measurement of electrode potential, Oxidation-reduction curves, Iodimetry and Iodometry, Titrations involving cerric ammonium sulphate, potassium iodate, potassium bromate, potassium permanganate; titanous chloride, stannous chloride and Sodium 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol; Precipitation Titrations: Unit processes material and energy balances, molecular units, mole fraction, tie substance, gas laws, mole volume, primary and secondary quantities, equilibrium state, rate process, steady and unsteady states, dimensionless equations, dimensionless formulae, dimensionless groups, different types of graphic representation, mathematical problems.


Asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, ulcerative colitis, neoplasia, psychosis, depression, mania, epilepsy, acute and chronic renal failure, hypertension, angina, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, peptic ulcer, anemias, hepatic disorders, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

So follow following pattern. Then two drops of conc. The ninhydrin reagent is 0. Pharma with scholarship at good university?

Types of coating, film forming materials, formulation of coating solution, equipments for coating, coating process, evaluation of coated pharmacg. Consequences of light absorption, Jabolenski diagram, Quantum efficiency; Chemical Kinetics: A saturated aqueous solution of syllaus acid was employed for this test. Policy making of manufacturable items, demand and costing, personnel requirements, pnarmacy practice, Master formula Card, production control, Manufacturing records.

Formulation, preparation and packaging of cosmetics for skin, hair, dentifrice and manicure preparations like nail polish, nail polish remover, Lipsticks, eye lashes, baby care products etc.

Liquid interface, surface and interfacial tensions, surface free energy, measurement of surface and interfacial tensions, spreading coefficient, adsorption at liquid interfaces, surface active agents, HLB classification, solubilization, detergency, adsorption at solid interfaces, solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces, complex films, electrical properties of interface. Genetic code, Components of protein synthesis and Inhibition of protein synthesis.

Bioavailability studies and bioavailability testing protocol and procedures.