Fill Ak Reg 3, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE): Ammunition basic Sep 9, Ammunition Basic Load (ABL, FORSCOM REG , ; FORSCOM/ARNG , ) is one of the most critical operational functionalities of the Joint. Forscom Regulation (Obsolete): Ammunition Basic Load by United States Army Forces Headquarters (Creator) starting at. Forscom Regulation.

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That policy permits consumer funds to be obligated concurrently with stock fund obligations for those items that are not stocked or are at zero balance at the retail level. Supply crises arise without warning and require immediate resolution by the unit S4. They should also be familiar with reeg total Army goals rge by the Chief of Staff which currently pertain readiness, civilian and military personnel, materiel, strategic deployment, future development, and resource management.

The information also allows the ALOC to identify early on those soldiers which will be pushed back through the replacement system. This requires the plannmg, coordi- nation, direction, control, and supervision of all func- tions incident to transportation. The Military Departments a.

FORSCOM Regulation 700-3 1986 (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load.

Fprscom offset these rising costs, it may be necessary to curtail, reduce, or discontinue 70-03 programs. This authority is the dollar limitation placed on the amount of inventory that any one stock fund entity may order during a fiscal period; e. This structure is made up of a combination of various type units which are designed to accom- plish certain specific functions or interval tasks, such as receive, store, and issue ammunition; repair tanks; service aircraft; install communi- foescom equipment; build roads; haul gasoline; or bake bread.

Batteries should upload howitzers from battery ammunition vehicles prior to arrival, thus minimizing vehicles that rearm at the R3SP. Planning, Programing, and Budgeting Section. These defense supply centers maintain cen- tralized inventory control. The Army’s highest priority peacetime function, according to paragraph 4, ARis to maintain an operational readiness status of the Active Army forscm Reserve cornponents to permit timely mission accom- plishment.

Commanders at all echelons must effectively utilize assigned resources so their units achieve a required readiness condi- tion to accomplish the mission of the command. Within the realm or mil- itary activities, logistics is forsfom to strategy and tac- tics. Figure is an illustra- tion of program elements in the other services as well as the Army. Maintenance at this cate- gory will be primarily production line oriented and will be performed by selected commodity oriented organizations both military and civilian.


The Comptroller of the Army, subject to the au- thority and direction of the Secretary of the Army, has statutory responsibility for Army Dudgeting. By budgeting according to program elements, on the other hand, appropriations can be made according to some kind of optimum payback criteria. In this way, the defense budget.

These prob- lems may be the result of the: The Assistant Secretary Manpower and Reserve Affairs also has responsibilities which affect or contribute to the logistics effort. In the latter instance, the cost of goods or services ordered by FMCI the users consumers is normally controlled by the amount of appropriated funds available to them.

The major appropriations of the Army budget are shown in figure Logistics addresses the why and what in creation and support of forces, and management ad- dresses how best to accomplish what is needed. Avoid depriving operational units of essential support. Under wartime conditions and forscoom critical situations make diversion of the normal logistics process necessary, the logistics authority and responsibility of commanders of unified com- mands are expanded to forecom them to utilize all facilities and rreg of all forces assigned to their commands forsco necessary for the accomplish- ment of their missions under the approved war plan being implemented.

These appropriations repre- sent the various resource inputs which support Army operations.

This can be accomplished by using existing systems, by modifying existing systems, or by developing a completely new system. The established unified and specified commands are: It also recognizes new equipment is becoming more and more complex, equipment density in relation to personnel is increasing, and the rate of personnel urnover is high.

Part 70-3 Chapter From a management viewpoint at DA level, the important budget Duilding blocks are the individual operating budgets at the major command levels e.

The primary mission of one installation may be the operation of an Army depot; another may operate a medical facility, a foracom school or training command; or it may serve as a training base for operating forces.

The budget execution process can be thought of as being the budget formulation process in reverse. The interrelationships and interfaces of the basic elements, the functions and pro- cesses, and organizational aspects within the Army system together with those external systems of De- partment of Defense DOD and other U. The uppermost question in Congress is not how much money is asked for defense, but now defense money is to be spent.

This information allows the ALOC to assess combat losses, not only in terms of individual personnel, but also in terms of personnel as they relate to combat systems.


To- gether they encompass background information, lo- gistics principles and policies, functional and organizational structures, logistics processes, man- agement techniques, and key systems relative to over- all management, accountability, and responsibility. Then, as shown in the top portion of the model, the allocated resources and the objectives are translated into a program and assigned to an organization for accomplishment. Based on this, the services are directed by JCS, on an annual basis, to prepare or revise the departmental plans used in sup- port of joint planning.

First, logistics is a command responsibility. To support, operate, and maintain the total Army structure, it is necessary to determine the quanti- tive and qualitive requirements.

The bases for determining what personnel, materiel, facilities, and services are needed are the missions to be performed, degree and level of support to be furnished to the individual soldier, and 7003- force structure as contained forsdom the Defense Guidance stated by the Secretary of Defense.

It provides the vital link between the user and the supplier. Units do not know what seemingly minor mechanical faults will deadline their key weapons systems. Planning for Mobilization — Forsfom. It provides a more effective means of controlling costs of goods or services produced or rendered!

Joint plans are, of necessity, quite broad in scope.

The responsibility for management and control of the wholesale stock fund is dele- gated to the Commander, AMC. The Secretary of Defense establishes general policies for the three military departments with respect to logis- tics activities. Joint commands then develop plans, in line with na- tional objectives and capabilities, to counter the threat.

FORSCOM Regulation 4 – PDF documents

Its purpose is to create weapons and forces and rdg sustained support of these weapons and forces in combat. These elements, in turn, provide the materiel, facilities, and services to organ- forsckm, train, and equip Army forces for prompt and sus- tained land combat. For this reason, details of specSic functions, procedural, and organizational as- pects of logistics are not discussed. The pro- graming phase is initiated on the basis of the strategic planning documents prepared annually by JCS and the fiscal guidance of the Secretary of Defense.