The muse next decorates Mars, and worships Minerva. Philipo Vadi offers this book on the art of gladiatorial combat to the illustrious. Prince Guido di Montefeltro. Master Fillipo Vadi’s work, previously overlooked and underestimated by Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Title, Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi. Author, Filippo Vadi. Translated by, Luca Porzio, Gregory Mele. Publisher.

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Chapter II Measures of the two handed sword.

You must have a bold heart, If a big man appears strong Using cunning will give you favour. And follow then as the saying gladkatoria, Place yourself in guard with the sword in hand, If you pass forwards or back remain side-on. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. Make yourself great in trickery If you wish for success in this art That will bear good fruit. So to those that lack natural weapons she gives the virtue of intelligence and thought.

Gioca de croce e non serai conquixo. And she maintains in herself such dignity, That it always warms gladiattoria heart, Driving out cowardice.

You must consider the act, the grip, the principle and the finish to understand the way. I have made a roverso fendente on the left foot, Without changing the foot turning the hips I strike a dritto without further movement.

I am he that quarrels with All the other blows, and I am called the thrust. Chapter V Of Thrusts and Cuts The sword has a point and two edges, But note well and understand this text, That memory will not fail you.

Who makes many blows brings venom Who makes few does so with great effort, In the end a black wind can be pleasant. Con la punta alta e col tuo pomo basso e i bracci in fora, con bona coverta passa dal lato stancho de bon passo.

Fillipo Vadi – Liber de Arte Gladitoria de Dimicandi

I am callipers, that divide into parts, O fencer heed my reason, Thus measure the tempo similarly. I am the guard of the falcon, high up above, To make defences in all dimicndi of ways. Como rota da molin dia volta presta. Io te replico ancor questa gionta: By this turn that I quickly make to my sword I will not pause with this strike.


Following that which I showed you above, I repeat for you again this addition. Of these things, through the guidance of God I acquired some good advice and this through the practical experience and theory of many teachers from various different countries, all gladiatorja masters and perfectly knowledgeable in this art. L a spada vole avere iusta misura vole arivare el gladiatoira sotto el brazio come qui apare nella mia scriptura.

Arte gladiatoria dimicandi : 15th century swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi

I push my point into your face, You see my sword rising upand up. From one side there are defending right strikes colpi diritti going to one side the rightreverses riversi make offence from the other side the left. No eBook available Amazon. Understand my sentence well, A big man should have a long sword, And a little man should have a short one. Chapter IX Of the Cross. Vadi does not distinguish between different angles of cut; all descending cuts are fendenti.

For this reason I rightly tell you that they are in every way alien to this science, while the opposite is true, in my opinion, for anybody of perspicacious talent and lovely limbs, as are courtesans, scholars, barons, princes, dukes and kings, who should be called to learn this science, following the principle of Institutawhich says: Take note and understand this guide If you wish to test the sword in armour, Make the cutting edges four fingers from the point, With the handle as is said above, With pointed crossguard, and note well iflippo text.

The nature of the bear is to turn, Going here, there, up and around Thus your shoulder should move, Sending dkmicandi sword out to hunt.

Dimivandi is known about the author, a native of Pisaother than that he appears to have been a mid to late 15th-century fencing master linked in some way gladiatoris the tradition of Fiore dei Liberi and that he dedicated a fencing book gladjatoria the Dukes of Urbinoin the last quarter of the vqdi century.

Oh what a laudable and good thing it is To learn this art that costs you so little, And a thousand times gives you life.

Home About Help Search. Knowing how cunning human nature is, and for everyone who is practiced in the art can understand all the actions depicted and shown in this, my little work, mainly of the sword, the axe, the spear and the dagger.


The blow of the sword does not lose its turn, Little worth the thrust to him the quick turn, It makes it go very vdai, the blows going that way. Keep here your mind for awhile: When your sword is joined at the crossing, Then do the thirteenth constrained action, As is you can plainly see Pictured in our book of seven leaves.

Because Heaven did not generate these g,adiatoria, unrefined and without wit or skill, and without any agility, but they were rather generated as unreasonable animals, only able to bear burdens and to do vile and unrefined works. IX De la croce. This is the foundation and base of the art. Ardita e mortal cum un serpente.

Your rating has been recorded. You will go to the ground with this technique And your play has completely failed. Guards of the Axe in Armour.

Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: 15th Century Swordsmanship of Master Filippo Vadi – Google Books

De gli altri ferire sum suma maestra. Chapter VI The seven blows of the sword. Keep in mind here, If the thrust enters but does not swiftly exit, It lets the companion strike back hard. When one or other foot bothers you Turn it quickly like a mill wheel, The heart must be foresightful, That expects shame and honour. Nuii semo volante sempre traversando. Following the work are some dagger techniques as follows.

Quando vorai a mezza spada entrare commo el compagno leva la sua spada, alor non stare a bada tempo pigliar che non te coste caro. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Brush aside the sword, a little shortened, Treading on that of the companion, You will make a good deal, Parrying well however many blows.