STEPHANIE’S DIGGING UP A WHOLE HEAP OF BAD NEWS. Stephanie Plum is used to dealing with crimes in the neighborhood, but she’s not. LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN Chapter One. For the last five minutes, I’d been parked outside my cousin Vinnie’s bail bonds office in my crapola car. Lean Mean Thirteen: Book summary and reviews of Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich.

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His big, goofy, orange dog, Bob, was at his feet. I want a restraining order. Maybe I’m just weird. Turns out, he’s also back to doing Joyce Barnhardt.

Easy, fun, thrilling and funny.

Lula cruised down Hamilton and turned onto North Broad. She got off the phone and smiled.

LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN – Janet Evanovich

You can count on Stephanie Plum for some things that absolutely never change – and I suppose that’s what the main attraction of these books is. Who would have thought Joe Morelli, the scourge of the Burg, the bad boy every girl wanted and every mother feared, would grow up and get domesticated.


She sneaked out to Chippendales performances when the road show hit town. I was hoping to catch him at one of those jobs. It was the end of February, and there was gloom eganovich far as the eye could see. I can amuse myself watching the seniors smash into each other trying to park.

Nov 16, Lesa rated it really liked it.

His firm is Petiak, Smullen, Gorvich, and Orr. Stephanie sure can get herself into a pickle sometimes but she always manages to find a way out. She’s never going to choose just one of them. The Diggerys all lived together in a raggedy doublewide in Bordentown. While not quite that bad, this girl is always hot for someone. Joe Morelli, the hottest cop in Trenton, New Jersey, is also keeping Stephanie on pean toes and he may know more than he’s saying about many things in Stephanie’s life.

A picture of Dickie with his grandparents. I nodded and pulled my scarf up over my nose. I could share some of my heat with you.

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Lean Mean Thirteen – Wikipedia

I felt my blood pressure edge up a notch. The line “I stapled him in the balls. Well, it seems anything is in NJ!

Can he be found? His neighbor needed his cable fixed and it took five months of waiting. Grandma was stowing the food in the fridge.

Clearly, I really enjoyed this installment of the series. His brown hair was thinning at the top, and he was wearing glasses. This is the first one of these books I’ve read. Over their mutual craziness, to be all het up over a woman who is, frankly, a walking Bermuda Triangle with a strange addiction to pastry. I looked past Evanpvich.

It could have been way better, Plum was accused of killing Dickie!