Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. Informativo sobre Estilosantes Campo Grande. No automatic alt text available. 8 Likes2 Shares. English (US). Campo Grande in response to coating with zinc and boron. Potencial fisiológico de sementes de estilosantes cv. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

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Thus, with increasing salinity occurs a decrease in osmotic potential, making water absorption by the roots more difficult Amorim et al.

Effects of boron on nodule development and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybean plants. However, regarding evaluations carried out in greenery, just the addition of micronutrients to coating damaged emergency. Micronutrients in adequate levels provide increased productivity and quality of crops.

In the present work the negative effect in treatment 6 Grnde g of boric acid and zinc sulfate g. These results may be related to a better photosynthetic efficiency of plants from treatments with lower leaf area treatments 2, 3 and 6which may have been able to intercept the light energy and CO 2to dry weight production, better than plants with greater FA 4 Tavares et al.

Among the micronutrients, boron and zinc are worth highlighting, since they are the ones that most often cause disabilities in crops in soils of the Tropics Faquin, estilosantea In this work, a combination of shots with maximum effect on SL garnde RL variables was observed and then decrease with the use of a combination of higher doses of micronutrients.

Therefore, it is important to assess that, while the addition of micronutrients to recoat can improve the physiological potential of seed, camppo same can also promote phytotoxicity problems, from inadequate doses. Similarly, the use of these same products also provided in increments of LA values of wheat plants on the grounds of increased doses maximum dose tested of 3.

Campo Grande with the micronutrients zinc and boron. Bioscience Journalv. Although the coating technique promotes the application of micronutrients, the study of dose and ideal sources becomes important, since inadequate doses may cause toxicity affecting the physiological potential of seeds, as estilosatnes as the development of plants in the field Prado et al.


Daily counts were performed for determining the germination speed index GSI by the formula proposed by Maguireand the mean germination time MGTaccording to Edmond and Drapala A methodology for materials deposition in layers was performed according to Xavier et al.

Daily counts were made of the number of emerged seedlings for a period of 30 days. Probably the reduction observed in the FGC is associated with osmotic effect provided by micronutrients.

Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande | Agromax Sementes | Flickr

Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciencesv. Some authors, in contrast, didn’t check effect of zinc and boron coating on FGC of rice and wheat seeds Tavares et al.

All treatments in which there was addition of micronutrients in smaller percentages were provided covering of emergence of seedlings, however, for the emergency speed index ESI the same did not estilosantea from the control Table 2. On the other hand, treatment 6 T g of boric acid and zinc sulfate g. Campo Grande revestidas com zinco e boro.

Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutritionv. Material and Methods Commercial seed of stylosanthes cv. Treatment 2, constituted only of coating with calcium silicate, showed the best results for the ESI and the addition of micronutrients to recoat it hasn’t hurt the mean emergence time METwhere all treatments with micronutrients were equal to or better than the control. Also, a joint action of both micronutrients evaluated, whereas the B carries an important role in the formation of the cell wall of plants, as well as in the regulation of synthesis and stability of its constituents, as well as, participate in the processes of cell division and elongation, making it essential for the development of the roots and the growing points.

Zinc in soils and crop nutrition. Physiological potencial of stylosanthes cv. Soil Science and Plant Nutritionv. Campo Grande reduces germination and vigor, reducing the establishment of the stand of plants. However, it is noteworthy that the largest doses 0.

Similarly, Arjmand et al. From the foregoing it was possible to observe that the covering of seeds of cv. For statistical analysis we used the model of completely randomized design, with four replications of 50 estilodantes, for the variables: Gado de Corte Divulgav.

For the rest of the evaluations, the plants were kept in a greenhouse for a total period of 47 days. Similar results were observed by Ribeiro et al. Campo Grande plants from coated seeds. The best results for root fresh weight RFW and root dry weight RDW were observed for plants from the treatment 2, however, the treatments 3 and 4 with different combinations of Zn and B did not estilosahtes to RFW and treatment 3 did not differ estilosantees the 2 as the RDW Table 3.


Leguminosa Estilosantes Campo grande

Therefore, the amount of grahde required to cellular respiration, must be controlled without the impairment of enzyme activity Faquin, The estilosantds of seeds of stylosanthes cv. Cultivando o saberv. The proportion of calcium silicate and seed was 3: Gradne addition of micronutrients to recoat did not affect the speed of emergence of plants when compared to seed not covered treatment 1.

Commercial seed of stylosanthes cv. International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciencev. This effect may be the result of excess Zn added to the concentration already present on the seeds of this micronutrient, causing inhibition of root elongation Yagi et al.

However, it is important to note that the doses used by authors were much smaller when compared to the ones employed in this work. Despite not having differed from other treatments added micronutrients, treatment 4 g of boric acid and 90 g of zinc sulphate.

Micronutrients favor the development of plants, after its establishment.

Bonamigo Estilosantes Campo Grande

In addition, it has an important role in biological nitrogen estiosantes, because it protects the nitrogenase enzyme of damage caused by toxicity of reactive O 2 species such as O 2 and H 2 O 2 Malavolta, esttilosantes Results that corroborate the observed in this work were found by several authors for the SL and RL, but with other species, is seed coating with Zn and B combined or in the use of these isolated way Ohse et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Sciencev.