The Search for Truth is the third installment of the Erec Rex series, published in Synopsis In book 3 of the Erec Rex series, Erec is faced with even more. In The Search for Truth, Erec Rex learns that in order to save the world from a terrible fate, he must put a friend in danger. And he must do the impossible, and. In The Search for Truth, Erec s task involves finding the long lost Awen, and it is not only Erec s crown on the line, but the Substance that holds Alpyium together.

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The Search for Truth

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Ever since Erec Rex returned home, his siblings Danny and Sammy have been acting strange. The cheating and l I’m really shocked that these books are getting so many good reviews. Many sorcerers have tried and failed in doing this throughout the years, and they all failed, most with their lives. All seems lost, but Erec, using his dragon eye, finds Baskania just as he brought back one of his ancestors from the dead.

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Though the creatures and events based on Greek myths are done well, it’s nice to see the story branching out. Erec’s next task is to retrieve the five Awen from their mystical hiding places and unite them, a herculean undertaking that has laid waste to all those who have attempted it.

He then takes Aosqueths eye, giving him two eyes. He must retrieve an eye from a ferocious dragon. The Fates are well aware Baskania is trying to cheat, and they don’t look very kindly on the interference. He kisses her and she wakes up.


Ngebosenin erfc tengah tengah, tapi lalu plotnya mulai menarik dan menegangkan. More books in this series: This means, for Erec, that one seearch his close friends is betraying the trust that he has given them.

Erec is such a fun likable charact If you haven’t read any of Kaza Kingsley’s previous books in the Erec Rex series, you are missing out!

Erec eventually sets the Bee-Hind free, but instead of running away, he stays behind. I put a few interviews and a cool animated clip below – you can see a lot more interviews on YouTube!

Jun 09, Daanon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book. I rate this book Highly Recommended. I liked it alot, it’s a fun series with good characters and I’m looking forward to it continuing. The Shadow Prince has found an “inside man,” so to speak, and is gaining knowledge about Erec and his ventures, that he shouldn’t know anything about.

They follow him, staring like lost puppies. But what he finds out there will change everything. Erec is such a fun likable character as he figures out what he needs to do and the best way to do it, sometimes even choosing to possibly die to accomplish his tasks.

His power commands him to find her, taking him on an adventure that will change him forever. Mar 19, Pamela rated it did not like it.

To complete the task, Erec must risk the life of his best friend, something he is not sure he can do. She is a prisoner of King Pluto of Aorth, one of the triplets that rule over the Kingdom of the Keepers. The Swami lives in a cave, yet has a laptop and a cellphone, which implies some source of electricity not to mention some kind of wireless internet access.

Then one morning, Erec’s mother is seadch. Erec has lost most of his soul and has to retrieve it from the three furries.


In other words, he has to give his soul to them and die, so that they can take revenge on the world. Erec Rex has had many difficult tasks in the past but none like the task he has to face right now. I like it when they teach us about magical things. The quests are getting harder, but failure isn’t an option. We learn more about The Hermit, whom we have met before, and we also learn a bit more about Oscar, Jack, and Melody she was Bethany’s roommate in the first book.

Many sorcerers have tried doing this throughout the years, and they all failed, most with their lives. But overall it’s really great.

Erec Rex #3: The Search for Truth

The shock of Erec and their mother missing must have been too much for them. He didn’t get hit because Aosqueth, the dragon, blocks a death spell from Baskania. Not only are the eggs difficult to open, but feeding the searcb hatchlings stings his fingers. They are bringing out the first two books again on March 28, when they will also be available in audio and e-book formats.

Bethany tries to persuade Erec not to rescue her, since she is being held in Baskania’s most protected fortress, knowing he very well might not come out alive. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dec 23, D rated it it was amazing.

By the time I got to this book I was certain this series would become a fav! This time Erec must “Get behind and set it free,” which is quite amusing to some extent.