Employee table resides in the database named Company. BTEQ SESSION TRANSACTION TDUSER/tdpassword; /* Updating details. BTEQ can be used both in Interactive mode as well as in Batch mode. This is a very important feature of BTEQ, where you can execute the batch commands. (BTEQ) tool was the original way that SQL was submitted to Teradata as a . In batch mode, you prepare BTEQ scripts or macros, and then submit them to BTEQ .

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BTEQ operates in two modes: Here is what is excellent about BTEQ: Skips over all intervening BTEQ commands and SQL statements until a specified label is encountered, then resumes processing srcipts sequence.

BTEQ – An Example for script structure in Teradata – Forget Code

Allows Host programs to deal with terdaata. Display a row of dash characters before each report line summarized by a WITH clause. Inserts a blank line in a report whenever the value of a specified column changes. This section is based on Teradata documentation for the current release.

Routes the standard error stream and the standard output stream to two files or devices for channel-attached systems, or to one file or device for network-attached client systems.

If i remove the column name manually and run ,then second export stmt is printing as below,need to eliminate the column heading from it. What about executing the table content? Teradatx has to be continued till the last row in my table.


Thank scriptts for sharing valuable information. A data warehouse is a relational database that is designed for query a We will talk about.

Yet, they are different in the following aspects: This is the default output of BTEQ suitable for reports. Position summary titles to the left of the summary lines in a report. This section is based on Teradata documentation [1]and for the detailed usage, please refer to Reference 1. BTEQ displays the results in a format that is suitable for performance testing. Displays a row of dash characters whenever the value of a specified column changes.

Thirdly, MultiLoad can load multiple input files concurrently and work on up to five tables at a time, using multiple sessions.

Teradata BTEQ – Part 1

Repeats the previous Teradata SQL request a specified number of times. MultiLoad places a lock on on the destination table s to prevent user queries from getting inconsistent results before the data scrippts or update is complete. This allows BTEQ a great deal of flexibility in formatting sfripts, creating. Data can be read from a file on either a mainframe or LAN attached. Specifies a footer to appear at the bottom of every page of a report. Ejects a page whenever the value for one or more specified columns changes.

Specifies the width of screen displays and printed reports, in characters per line. BTEQ limits the record size for exported files to approximately 64K for workstation builds and for mainframe builds. Scriptw Training 14 July at Noticeably, BTEQ supports the conditional logic i.

BTEQ outputs a report format, where Queryman teeadata data in a format more like a. Tests the validity of the condition stated in the IF clause. BTEQ jobs from batch scripts, have error checking and conditional logic, and allow for the.


Firstly, Teradata export and load utilities are fully parallel. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Teradata History What is a Data Warehouse? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

My requirement is I need to write a bteq script which reads row by row from this table until the last row, and execute the row content. You might require output data in a flat-file format with binary data, no headings, etc.

I will read the first row from the table, I need to execute the content in col1 and col2 of row 1 and store it in to another table. Pleasehelp me overcome them.

Teradata BTEQ Scripts

Assigns severity levels to errors. Export the output of the table in such a format that it beomces executable script and then call that script. For the commands not listed below, refer to the tables above. BTEQ does not support such features. I think This approach may work There are other utilities that are faster than BTEQ for scdipts or exporting data.

Bteq script to read and execute query from a table.

BTEQ is often referred. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.