BS EN 12350-1 PDF

BS EN 12350-1 PDF

Buy BS EN TESTING FRESH CONCRETE – PART 1: SAMPLING from SAI Global. said in BS EN , take a few samples throughout the pour for the best representation of the batch and make sure you take % of what you think you’ll . This British Standard specifies two procedures for sampling fresh concrete which are implemented by composite sampling and by spot.

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Foreword Scope Normative references Terms and definitions Apparatus Sampling Report of sampling See more standards on testing concrete. Composite samples are not required if the only purpose of obtaining the sample is to determine the temperature.

Ensure that the compacting rod, or bar, does not forcibly strike the bottom of the mould when compacting the first layer, nor penetrate significantly any previous layer.

BS EN 12350-1:2009

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. This site uses cookies. When mixing and sampling of concrete is done in a laboratory, different procedures may be required.

Create a website or blog at WordPress. Mechanical vibration with vibrating table Apply the vibration for the minimum duration necessary to achieve full compaction of the concrete. Already Subscribed to this document. Usually, especially for big projects where a large quantity of concrete is cast, both parties come up with the designed mix and validated through trial mixes to compensates for this particular problem.

In some big projects, imagine the time consumed to perform the composite sampling when there is a lot of concrete truck mixers in queue at the checkpoint area. If a falling away or shearing occurs, disregard test and make a new test using another portion of the sample. What is the time limit before placing of fresh concrete? The Location of concrete represented The Time of casting Compacting Methods Internal Vibrators that will be used should have the following specs: Records shall be kept to ensure the traceability of the specimen from sampling to testing.


Concrete having coarse aggregate up to bd mm in size. Minimum size of sample x 1. Take the scoopfuls of concrete through the moving stream from the truck mixer. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The place else may anybody get that type of info in such a perfect means of writing?

Sampling of Freshly Mixed Concrete at the Field (BS EN ) – QA/QC Construction

Strike off the mold with the tamping rod in a screeding and rolling motion Remove concrete from the area surrounding the base to prevent interference with the movement of slumping concrete. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

Both parties will agree to the specific time limit as substantiated from the concrete design mix. Need more than one copy? Apparatus Container, large enough to provide at least 75 mm of concrete in all directions around the sensor of the temperature measuring device, or at least three times the NMAS Nominal Maximum Aggregate Sizewhichever is greater.

BS EN – Testing fresh concrete. Sampling (British Standard)

Concrete cubes at the site Marking The test specimens shall be marked clearly and indelibly, without damaging the specimen using a cub tag that contains 21350-1 information related to the specimen Casting date, ticket number, specimen ID, location of sampling….

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Contents of BS EN Subject the concrete to a sufficient number of strokes per layer, typically The first school of thought is rather straightforward: This British Standard specifies two procedures for sampling fresh concrete which are implemented by composite sampling 1235-01 by spot sampling. Record the temperature to the nearest 0. Leave the TMD in the concrete a minimum of 2 min. The report shall include: Due to the shape of the mold, the rod must be inclined in first layer while rodding around the perimeter of the cone.


As the voice of the U. Your basket is empty.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. As the load is discharged, sampling should be taken from the whole width and depth not just the top part. Click to learn more. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.

Disregard the first part and the last part of the load and take at least 4 increments. Their committees work with the manufacturing and service industries, government, businesses and consumers to facilitate the production of British, European and International standards. Extended delays in placing can lead to a significant loss of consistency with time making it impossible to place with satisfactory compaction. Move the scoop around the perimeter of the mold to ensure even distribution of material and minimize segregation.

Compaction of the concrete The concrete shall be compacted immediately after placing in the moulds in such a way as to 1350-1 full compaction of the concrete with neither excessive segregation nor laitance. The mold is raised and the concrete allowed to subside. 21350-1 time for this to occur depends on the concrete temperature, cement type, mix proportions, the use of admixtures with set retarding properties and consistency of the concrete.

Do not remove the device from the concrete when reading the temperature. Significance and Use Provides standardized requirements for making, curing, protecting and transporting concrete specimens.