a work in sanskrit on advaita vedanta written by Adi Shankaracharya in 68 verses . Overview of Vedanta for general understanding of the subject. A bit technical. Adi Shankaracharya Swami Sivananda Swami Tapovanji Swami . ATMA BODHA IS A Prakarna Grantha, dealing with Knowledge of the Self. Aatma Bodha – Knowledge of Self by Adi Shankaracharya Atma Bodha, meaning self knowledge, was composed by Adi Shankara Swami.

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He is manifest only in the inner equipment, the intellect Buddhi: By indiscriminately mixing up the aspect of being and consciousness of the self with the function of the individual consciousness, there springs up the idea “I know. Aditi rated it really liked it Feb 24, The tremblings that belong to the waters are attributed through wtmabodha to the reflected moon dancing on it: A lighted-lamp does not need another lamp to illumine its light.

Like bubbles in water, the worlds are born, remain and dissolve in the Supreme Lord that is the material cause and foundation of all things. After crossing the ocean of delusion and killing the monsters of likes and dislikes, the Yogi who shankaarcharya united with peace dwells in the shankaeacharya of his own realised Self — as an Atmaram.

However, please do not copy information from the website and then tell us that you were trying to give us publicity. Realise That to be Brahman, the atmabidha of which leaves nothing more to be attained, the blessedness of which leaves no other blessing to be desired and the knowledge of which leaves nothing more to be known. I am not the mind, and, therefore, sorrow, desire, hatred, fear, etc.


Academic Paul Deussen Daniel H.

Self-Knowledge: Sankara’s “Atmabodha” by Adi Shankaracharya

NT rated it really liked it May 03, Ramakrishna Math rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Having crossed the ocean of ignorance and having slain the demons of likes and dislikes, etc.

Having purified, by repeated instruction, the soul that is turbid with ignorance, knowledge should efface itself, as the paste of the cleaning-nut does with water. A really short poem on Advaita Vedanta by Adi Shankara himself.

The Atman does not shine in everything although He is All-pervading. I read a translated version in Dutch. If anything other shanksracharya Brahman is perceived, it is as unreal as the mirage in the desert. It appears to be real, as long as it continues but appears to be unreal when one is awake i.

Liberation-while-living means that the wise shankarxcharya, having abandoned his former limitations and qualities, and acquiring the properties of being, consciousness and bliss shankaracharua, attains Brahman, in the same way as the worm becomes the wasp.

To appreciate the true essence of the book id recommend actually learning some basic sanskrit and reading the book in skt with the help of a dictionary or something. Though he lives in the conditionings Upadhishe, the contemplative one, remains ever unconcerned with anything or he may move about like the wind, perfectly unattached.

Atma bodha – Wikipedia

The very nature of the self being knowledge, it does not depend, for a knowledge of itself, on any other knowledge, in the same way as a light does not need another light to reveal itself. Lists with This Book. On the eternal Vishnu, who is pure existence and consciousness, as the common at,abodha, all these various appearances are superimposed, like wristlets and shankaarcharya forms on gold.


And yet, one ignorantly imagines that the individual soul knows, does and sees everything well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They are not perceived shankaracgarya deep sleep when the mind ceases to exist. Deities like Brahma and others taste only a particle, of the unlimited Bliss of Brahman and enjoy in proportion their share of that particle. Want to Read saving…. I’d say its a must read for any beginner of Indian philosophy, or more specifically advaita.

Sri Shankaracharya – Atma Bodha

The yogi endowed with complete enlightenment sees, through the eye of Knowledge, the entire universe in his own Self, regards everything as the Self and nothing else. Venkataramanan Knowledge of the Self atmabodha is one of the well known works of Sri Adi Shankaracharya, written for the benefit of those who have cultivated detachment and want to seek freedom from ignorance and illusion.

The seer, though remaining amidst limitations, should yet be unaffected by their qualities, like space. Thereafter he dwells as an embodiment of the Infinite Consciousness and Bliss. Through study, reflection and meditation, You exhaust your shanksracharya, desires and discover your real Self. When this the lower and the higher aspects of the Self are well churned together, the fire of knowledge is born from it, which in its mighty conflagration shall burn down all the fuel of ignorance in us.