AX4BS. Online Manual. Overview. Hardware. Ins ta lla tion. Drivers & Utilities. A. W. ARD. BIOS. S e Thank you for choosing AOpen AX4BS motherboard. The AX4BS is Currently we found only ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP card would support. AX4BS Pro. zoom in. Specification. Model, AX4BS Pro. CPU: Socket Support Intel Enhanced Full Pictured Manual x 1. Easy Installation Guide x 1. What’s in this manual. .. Dr. Voice Connector (AX4BS Pro Only). Now, welcome to enjoy all features from AOpen AX4BS Pro / AX4BS-V motherboard.

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AOpen assumes no responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual, including the products and software described in it.

Locate the power switch cable from your ATX housing. Enter text from picture: Answered on Jan 16, The aoopen angle of aaopen shown here is from the back panel of the housing. Your problem probably had been answered by our support engineer or professional users on the news group.

Parity Bit The parity mode uses 1 parity bit for each byte, normally it is even parity mode, that is, each time the memory data is updated, parity bit will be adjusted to have even count “1” for each byte.

Answered on Apr 06, We strongly recommend you to connect the 4-pin 12V ATX connector before connecting the pin ATX power connector and use standard power supply specially designed for Pentium 4 system.


Turn off the system and re-connect IDE cable. To print peo manual completely, please, download it.

ATA is the specification of diskette interface. These fuses are soldered onboard that when it is broken did the job to protect motherboarduser still cannot replace it and the motherboard is still malfunction. You can use the 2-pin chassis intrusion sensor to connect with this header, and enable the chassis monitoring function of system BIOS. Answered manuall Aug 20, For example, you can design a daughter board to provide additional capabilities, such as an alarm, a buzzer, a timekeeper, etc.

The ECC algorithm has the ability to detect double-bit error and automatically correct single-bit error while parity mode can only detect single-bit error.

After all, their attitude of service is an important reference for you if next time you want to buy something else from them. Quick Installation Procedure This page gives you a quick procedure on how to install your system.

Layout frequency Isolation Wall For high frequency operation, especially overclocking, layout is the most important factor to make sure chipset and CPU working in stable condition.

For clear identification, the blue connector is IDE1. Page 84 Below are the steps for easy flashing procedures: If your running an intel P4 chip, and at least mbs of ram, and you have at least 2 gb’s of hard drive space left on your hard drive, then you can run XP Pro.

VGA and HDD is key components for overclocking, for your reference, the following list are what have been successful overclocked in our lab. Popular Tags beep switch diagram. But after you finish the hardware installation, you have to install your operation system first such as Windows 98 before you can install any drivers or utilities. Answered on Jan 25, The hardware monitoring function is automatically implemented by the BIOS and utility software.


This motherboard supports four USB ports.

AOpen AX4BS Pro Online Manual

Don’t show me this message again. Answered on Feb 19, You can use the JP28 to enable or disable this function. Answered on Jun 01, LED, please contact the local distributor or reseller. Currently, Windows 98 is the only choice. Turn on the power and check if the power supply and CPU fan work properly. The location of where to put these capacitors is another know-how that requires experience and detail calculation.

Aopen America Inc. – DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard – Mainboard

This manual also for: This function logged the event in the system BIOS when chassis is opened. Each time memory is accessed; ECC bits are updated and checked by a special algorithm. Answered on May 25, Posted on Mar 02, Be the first to answer.

CPU cut edge Note: Any opinion will be appreciated. About Bios Function Description … AOpen always dedicates to give aopenn a more friendly computer system.