Stalingrad is a narrative history written by Antony Beevor of the battle fought in and around the city of Stalingrad during World War II, as well as the events. Buy Stalingrado by Antony Beevor, Magdalena Chocano Mena (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Stalingrado by Antony Beevor, Magdalena Chocano (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Hitler had been so successful at weeding out any independence in his military leaders that they were afraid to do anything without his say-so. Views Read Edit View history.

Stalingrad: : Antony Beevor: Libros en idiomas extranjeros

This unequal battle was watched in anguish by Captain Sarkisyan, the commander of a Soviet heavy mortar battalion, who later related what beevoe saw to the writer Vasily Grossman. I firmly believe that even the most subject-specific history book should provide a little context. The Battle of Stalingrad was both one of the bloodiest in world history and — which says something about WWII — the second bloodiest conflict of the second World War.

The sSoldiers prowled the streets engaging close quarters fighting and sniping.

Russia’s revenge

I will be coming back for more. If you’ve ever read an Antony Beevor work on world war 2, you essentially know how it goes, and the immense level of detail you get. The two most famous fools who dared strive for Moscow were Napoleon and Hitler. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

The result is very readable, a narrative that moves along swiftly, so that at times I couldn’t put it down. The decisions and plans of the two dictators and their senior military officers that were successful While they are pitted against each other in a fanciful cat-and-mouse Hollywood contest, the visuals–the devastation of the city and deprivation of citizens unable to escape–bring Beevor’s account to life.

Coming through loud and clear in this book: An extraordinary story stalinggrado tactical genius, civilian bravery and the nature of war itself, which changed how history is written, Stalingrad is a testament to the vital role of the Soviet war effort.


A general with experience might have pointed out that moving several thousand men and several hundred tanks from stqlingrado A to point B involved more in real life than pushing a counter across a map, in reality there were minor inconveniences like food, fuel, equipment, and the issue that real soldiers need time and energy to traverse the land.

Daily tasks, such as filling water-bottles, were dangerous when Russian snipers lay in wait for any movement.

Review: Berlin: The Downfall, by Antony Beevor | Books | The Guardian

Even light bulbs were looted for the eventuality that electricity might come one day to Russian peasant homes. There are big troop movements leading up to the fight in the city.

Going back to my getting personally invested, I was surprised when I finished the book to realise that for probably the last two thirds of the book, I had been rooting for the Axis troops. Good historical evidence, and then interesting.

We happened to be captured and then they took us to work for their regiments and we worked purely in order not to starve to death. Napoleon was failed by the logistics of his day and age; the harder he pressed Kutuzov, and the deeper he got into Russia, the longer his supply line became.

If you’ve read them, you know what I mean. Those who elected to remain were confronted by armed alien beings in dirty brown uniforms, whose boots were falling apart, shouting “Uri, Uri”, and then cramming anything larger than a watch on to trucks and wagons or simply down their tunic fronts.

Unlike Germans, who had homes within reach, these men had nowhere to go.

Sigue al autor

Beevor presents the attitudes of each side as the battle evolves. Do you want to come and look?

A minor potentate was assassinated and with this single death nations found reason enough to stage an orgy of bloodbaths across Europe which resulted to the death of millions, most of them young men in the prime of their lives.


In the summer ofthe German blitzkrieg of panzers tanks and Stuka dive bombers drove across Russia to reach the mighty Volga River–and Stalingrad, the city named for the Soviet dictator on the west side of the river.

Of course, a background knowledge of the second world war would be helpful coming into this type of book, but is very seriously not required. For instance, one paragraph dealing with the Russian response to deserition stated that “[o: Call me odd, but I’ve never been particularly fond of Hitler or Stalin.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. After braving German fire, they convince a Nazi sentry to bring them into a bunker after they are blindfolded with their own parkas. The cost to the civilian population was staggering and this was anton true battle of total war.

The Second World War. He died falling over on a trip to the bathroom – that doesn’t surprise me – but to have survived some of the worst of all the history of the world first and then die that way atalingrado ridiculous. Hitler had no notion whatsoever of supplying a large army that was thousands of miles from its base in Central Europe.

Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida. Beevor jumps quickly from event to event, battle to battle, using a series of unconnected anecdotes. That was, of course, the first world war. Limbless “samovars” with wooden legs, like the men who had repulsed Napoleon, were rounded up and deported, since they cluttered up Soviet streets. It tell us that the soldiers in the end, didn’t fight for Hitler or Stalin, they didn’t fight beeevor Nazism or Communism, but for a greater pride, a pride of their motherland.

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