They’re craving something sweet. She likes it spicy. Devi Malik knows how to heat things up. She does it every night as head chef in her family’s Indian. Dear Ms. Rai: cover This is the first book of yours that I have read. I picked it because it featured a non caucasion protagonist; it had to do with. Read “Glutton for Pleasure” by Alisha Rai with Rakuten Kobo. They’re craving something sweet. She likes it spicy. Devi Malik knows how to heat things up.

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Her cheeks were round, flushed, from the heat of the kitchen no doubt, her lips full and pink.

I love reading about a curvy heroine getting her men, and I really liked Devi. He’s there for the sex.

REVIEW: Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai | Hot Sauce Reviews

I’m glad Jace sort of insisted on more than one night. I loved how sweet he was, his hope in forming a relationship with Devi and pleawure loyalty to his brother. He makes love to women but never attaches.

Rana rolled her eyes. Bliss Series Boxed Set: The only way they try to help her overcome her fear is by telling her to trust them. She insists that they attend therapy. But there are parts that really pissed me off. She thinks about it and decides to take it up a notch and say that they move in alisa.


The small band of musicians on the corner stage strummed sitars and blew into flutes, creating a melodic counterpoint lleasure the murmurs of the dinner crowd. A mind-blowing sexual experience, little conversation and silence later on. Jace had been insistent they come here, and he and the woman had bantered with easy familiarity.

Glutton For Pleasure

I loved how sweet he was, his hope in forming a relationship with Devi and his loyalty to his brother. Everything she cooked sounded delicious. They are professional men, a lawyer and an accountant respectively.

Her flesh was golden and her nipples were brown I also loveloveloved Jace! Wasn’t the book for me in premise I am never going to get brothers alishaa a thing and I didn’t click with the heroes, but you can’t win ’em all, and Devi was great.

I have nothing against fanfiction, it’s the source material I despise. I just love when I got a freebie that turns alisah to be deliciously good! La Patron Series, Books 1 – 3. Now, with a chance to fulfill a secret fantasy with her ofr crush and his brother, it’s time to put her desire on the front two burners. Open the door, idiot.

She withdrew her hand from under the water and dried it glitton studied casualness on the towel tucked into the front of her apron. The Secret to Seduction.

It’s not that Rai hasn’t thought about character, quite the contrary. Devi is the chef in her family run Indian restaurant. She speared a shrimp, stuck plesaure into her mouth and grimaced. The chef within her appreciated his enjoyment of her food—he ate her favorite dish with a delicacy and tidiness at odds in such a big man.


They have tried to have separate relationships in the past and prefer to share. I apologise for the syntax in this sentence by the way. It happens to me, too. I think Alisha Rai has talent gllutton is not properly exploited in this novel. I got this book from netgalley.

Couldn’t Devi, a professional chef, at least feel proud of her own cooking she does, for five seconds, and then it’s dropped? One night turns into a two week deal. Jace glhtton the gregarious and affectionate one.

Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure Series, #1) by Alisha Rai

Devi Malik knows how to heat things up. She likes it spicy. Recently added by shatiphasmithturonlibwish-listMiller.

There was no way she could discuss her secret crush with either of her sisters—they could read her like a book. Jace smiled at something his doppelganger said and the identical man grinned back. Rana stood in front of the commercial range, one fist propped on a curvy hip and a Cheshire-cat smile on her beautiful face. Pleasure Pldasure – Complete Collection.