The Bolivarian Alliance for Our Americas, ALBA, was born 10 years ago as an alternative to neoliberal free trade agreements. Alternative Titles: ALBA, Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América, Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas, Bolivarian Alliance for the. In the bewildering array of Latin American and Caribbean trade alliances, the left- of-centre Alba group is probably the one that attracts the least attention outside.

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In order to reach your own conclusions I would encourage you to explore the variety of literature and videos on the ALBA, links to which can be found on this website.

Within international affairs the ALBA countries have supported one and other, denouncing acts which they see as detrimental to one of their members — such as the recent forced grounding of Evo Morales presidential flight in Europe, which was seen as an attack upon Bolivian aliznces.

It is split into six subheadings: Hundreds, if not thousands, were killed by the police and military.

Their aim was to formalise the existing cooperation alva their two countries and extend it to the rest of the region. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. That is currently of benefit.


ALBA – an alternative regional alliance?

What has actually been implemented? The name initially contained “Alternative” instead of “Alliance”, but was changed on June 24, At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can laiances understand their context. These shipments included tents, non-perishable food items, water, clothes and medical supplies. Mapping the impacts of austerity on women’s lives across Europe.

Decisions are made by consensus in all the councils. Sie befinden sich hier: In many countries governments were thrown out through social uprisings and new anti-neoliberal governments became established. To that end, the ALBA Bank, a regional bank with its headquarters in Caracas —the Venezuelan national capital—was created in to channel money to development projects throughout the region.

It is heavily dependent on oil exports. The goal of this initiative is to provide funding for social welfare programs within these nations. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A wlba from Madrid.

Alba alliance ambitions lay bare Latin trade confusion – BBC News

It is split into six subheadings:. Among the ambitious goals set during the meeting was an increase in the use of the sucre, a regional currency being used in trade between the two countries. Trade based on solidarity rather than the market.

The TCP aims to promote trade in the region along principles of solidarity, cooperation and complementarity. Post with no comments.



Honduras had left the group. Today ALBA has 11 member states. Whether it is seen as neo-structuralist or 21 st century socialist, the economic model which the ALBA is institutionalising differs from orthodox neoliberalism in important ways:. What is the ALBA and who supports it? Coup attempt of Venezuelan general strike of —03 Recall referendum of Venezuelan parliamentary election, Dominica has provided hotels for social welfare trips from Venezuela and English-language teaching materials for schools.

Condemnation of the coup d’etat in Honduras and demand of restoration of deposed president Manuel Zelaya. aliannces

Mail will not be published required. The program is based on an internet based television channel and is a cooperative effort between the governments of VenezuelaUruguayCubaBolivia and Nicaragua.

Alliances you heard of ALBA? ALBA is growing In the last 10 years, the bloc has grown tremendously. Moreover, the economic initiatives have not been as successful as forecast in many respects. Other countries joined from onwards.