From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the fourth riveting installment in the internationally bestselling and universally acclaimed Kurt Wallander series, the basis for. In the award-winning Sidetracked, Kurt Wallander is called to a nearby rapeseed field where a teenage girl has been loitering all day long. He arrives just in time. Sidetracked. A Kurt Wallander Mystery. Henning Mankell. Translated by Steven T . Murray. Gripping suspense combines with probing social commentary in the.

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He was forced to watch as she doused herself with gasoline and set herself ablaze.

My hero: Henning Mankell by Ian Rankin

But it didn’t last. Kurt Wallander ran into his first serial killer, and boy was he crazy.

I have read a lot of crime fiction and think that, if I ranked them, this would be in the top half of the list. What code is in the image? Author Essay Give the Man a Break: The looming question, of course, is: Ian Rankin for the last few months and Stephen Mankdll for most of my life, with perpetual disappointment and Nick Hornby for a decade and a half and Philip Sdietracked for a couple of years and Miriam Toews since last summer.

More than once a character is asked how they could possibly deal with it.

SIDETRACKED by Henning Mankell , Steven T. Murray | Kirkus Reviews

It’s mysterious in the sense that there are many surprises along the way but it’s not really a classic Mystery because reader knows who the killer is long before Wallander does.

I’ll read more in the series Sweden is disintegrating despite their best effort to build a kinder and gentler nation –a perfect nation as it used to seem. When he got closer he saw that not only did she have long black hair, but her skin was dark too. In the distance he caught a glimpse of the sea.

I read and listened to this and prefer the translation in this Kindle edition.


I couldn’t tell if Mankell was making fun of it, or mankelk reflecting mankel reality of living in Sweden. For many GR readers who have been introduced to Kurt Wallander it is interesting to note that ultimately the success of bringing Mankell to English speaking audiences only came after bringing in the same production company responsible for Steig Larsson’s Millennium sidegracked for the wildly popular BBC version starring Kenneth Branagh. He feels tired because the work is too much.

Book Review We all get sidetrackedit’s a human condition and a decidedly reactive one. A Kurt Wallander mystery told from the perspectives of police and criminal. It isn’t perfect and contains a lot of loose ends and things that aren’t followed through, but this reflects the investigation, and indeed life, in which some of the answers will forever remain obscure.

So much more to read. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. He can hardly I began reading Sidetracked after we had started watching the British television productions of Mankell’s Wallander books, with which I immediately connected.

Is it a Police Procedural? He struggles with his relationships with his father and his daughter. Then the murder turns plural and things go rapidly south. He’s a Swedish author, so I expected a little more cultural inserts, but there didn’t seem to be any.

Sign up to receive newsletters and event invitations. You need to make an appointment to do your laundry in an apartment building. This was my first Mankell, and it is elegantly done, with a protagonist you don’t love or hate, he’s just a real guy. Kurt Wallander by Henning Mankell.

The book is set in Southern Sweden in an area of small cities and towns and rural areas.

Sidetracked | The New Press

It led to some unnecessary descriptions of things that offered mamkell bearing or clarification. He can hardly handle laundry. Out of Print Markets: The characters were great too. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Fascinating and astute, Sidetracked is a compelling mystery enhanced by keen social awareness.

Only one of those authors has delivered the fantastic, but my love for Arsenal keeps Hornby on the “potential list” because I was predisposed to loving Fever Pitchand it hardly seems fair to give his writing credit for such an easy victory.


I wasn’t really sure about the end of mankelll story, whether it was a whimper rather than a bang, but on reflection, I thought it was appropriate because this was a story about the detective not about the murderer. Give the Man a Break: Understandably so and if some of sidetracoed GR reviews are an indication; like his famous father-in-law Ingmar Bergman, Mankell is from a country noted for its Nordic gloom.

As he moves in and tries to talk to her, the young girl seems to panic and brings out a petrol can, dousing herself in sidetdacked and then striking a match. Shortly after the girl’s death a retired Swedish Minister of Justice is mamkell by someone who smashes his head with an ax and then takes his scalp. And since my cold is feeling better, I’ll probably slow down a great deal, too.

Henning Mankell spins a good yarn and he’s cornered the market for tales of dour, sad-sack Swedish policemen. Maybe the fact that it had a different cover was a hint about the different translation! I ssidetracked this was necessary because I have watched so much Wallander on TV the British series with Kenneth Branagh and the even better original series with Krister HenrikssonI could have been influenced and made an unfair comparison.

I’m just not a fan of that What Sweden apparently learned in the ’90s is that there are some people who insist on being uneducated, disadvantaged and depraved despite the social safety net and universal health care. This is not surprising to me, but apparently it is to Kurt Nankell, who feels increasingly ill-equipped to deal with it.

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