The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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Using external command’s output in configuration files. This command is used to execute any command you would normally put in a configuration file. Mutt will not understand localized header labels, just as it would not when parsing an actual email. Controls whether ANSI color codes in messages and color tags in rich text messages are to be interpreted.

First of all you setup a mailcap file which will automatically dump the HTML text to a readable text-only display, via lynx, links, or w3m. Simple string matches are less powerful mktt regular expressions but can be considerably faster.

If this option is setmutt will untag messages when marking them for deletion. The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for handling specific MIME types. The main purpose of these parameters is for multipart messages, which is handled internally by Mutt.

Mutt is highly configurable, and is well suited to the mail power user with advanced features like key bindings, keyboard macros, mail threading, regular expression searches and a powerful pattern matching language for selecting groups of messages. Using user-defined variables for backing up other config option values.


Setting this variable to no is not generally useful, and thus not recommended, because you are unable to bounce messages. Mutt supports this from the attachment and compose menus.

Mutt mailcap –

If the terminal is incorrectly configured, Mutt may display random and unexpected characters question marks, octal codes, or just random glyphsformat strings may not work as expected, you may not be abled to enter non-ascii characters, and possible mtt. Sidebar adds the following functions to Mutt.

Similar to many other mail clients, there are two modes in which mail is read in Mutt. The different categories of arguments to the group command can be in any order.

It can also read and write to local mailboxes.

Mutt and HTML email

It also allows for easy navigation through the file system when selecting file s to attach to a message, select multiple files to attach and many more. The unset and reset commands remove the variable entirely.

Editing the message to forward follows the same procedure as sending or replying to mailcpa message does.

Once you have successfully finished the key selection, the message will be encrypted using the selected public keys when sent out.

The folder Mutt opens at startup mailcqp determined as follows: An example might be to save messages to a mailing list to a separate folder, or to delete all messages with a given subject.

The S-Lang library requires you to use the lightgray and brown keywords instead of white and yellow when setting this variable.

Also, the help line may not be updated if a binding is changed while Mutt is running. Mutt will attempt to display these in bold and underline respectively if your terminal supports them. Maildir maybe slower to open without caching in Mutt, it too is not very disk-space efficient depending on the environment. The following printf 3 -style sequences are available:.


Thanks for the tip on html2text, makes email usable again: Mutt supports reading and writing of four different local mailbox formats: That’s the purpose of the alternates command: The fundamental building blocks are the regular expressions that match a single character.

It should only be set in case Mutt isn’t able to determine the character set used correctly. One is the mime. The user interface consists of a context sensitive help line at the top, the menu’s contents followed by a context sensitive status line and finally the command line.

If those calls are unable to determine the domain, the full value returned by uname is used. If that is the case, Mutt will use the shown pattern modifier instead. This muttt differs from the compose command in that Mutt will expect standard MIME headers on the data. But some explanations on the capabilities, flags, and validity fields are in order. To subscribe to one of the following mailing lists, send a message with the word subscribe in the body to list-name mallcap mutt.

By default, none of them are bound to keys.