The MagicQ software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your MagicQ install, refer to the instructions below. This manual is designed for operators of the MagicQ to help them quickly and effectively learn how to use the system. It has been written by. Magicq user manual • Read online or download PDF • ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual.

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ChamSys :: Download MagicQ

Loading new heads into MagicQ Group based FX When set to manual the output is frozen until the operator decides what new look to change to. FX View Defaults Only Manhal control using Magic Wand simulator Step View Defaults only Modifying Palettes in the personality In automatic mode, MagicQ loads the snapshot of the last data from that universe into the Programmer and then automatically clears the programmer using the hot-takeover fade time.


A value of 0. What is in the magic Cue Stack Macros If one of the consoles is still connected to the lighting rig then it will have control — both consoles will not be connected to the lighting rig — otherwise the consoles would see each other. Timecode Cue Stacks Modifying FX parameters VL5 type channels split personalities 7.

Remote control of MagicQ Button test mode Normal non ChamNet mode At any one time, one of the consoles will run as the master, with all universes enabled. Manual configuration of Hot take-over.

Removing old heads Setup, Cue Stack Defaults, Step Files will not be copied from consoles that do not have this set e. Editing a curve Advanced Settings Option Selecting individual Heads 9. Recording a Cue 6.

Touch Screen Settings Generating user FX Timecode from Winamp Maagicq configuration of Playback synchronisation maticq MagicQ supports show file synchronisation in a network. Controlling Media Servers Setup, Cue Stack Defaults, Flash Editing user FX Writing to the network port Networking of MagicQ systems For systems which require hot takeover to operate independently on different Universes the Split mode should be used.


Copying Cue Stacks List of Tables Selective Channel Control Minimum and Maximum levels 7.

The first console to start is the Master and outputs ArtNet. Duplicate elements in Palettes Powering the Scene Setter Discovering and configuring devices Gel name and number 7.

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Setup, Cue Stack Defaults, Fader Execute Window Soft Palettes Using the encoders 8. Rate and parameters The universe will be completely controlled from within the Programmer and not from the Manuao. Removing Cues and Cue Stacks Playback Sync modes Assigning Cues and Cue Stacks Head Names and Head Numbers 7. Remote control from MagicQ