The Lyran Commonwealth was founded in through the merger of three. House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) provides an overview of the history. The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, also known by the unfortunate acronym of LAAF, is the military arm of the Lyran Alliance. Formed from Armed Forces of the .

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Though her marriage to First Prince Hanse Davion began as a political alliance, it quickly became just as much a union of love as dynastic maneuvering.

Inner Sphere Assault ‘Mechs. Below are just a few of the iconic units that have defended the Alliance from its enemies for centuries. Thousands of mourners gather to remember Archon Katrina Steiner on the 9th anniversary of her passing. Though governed by a feudal system like most of the other Successor Statesthe Commonwealth maintains loose control over member worlds and business interests while actively encouraging a thriving capitalist economy.

Substituting a double for Joshua. Founded when Arcturus was still was the capital of the Lyran Commonwealth, the Guards fought in almost every major campaign in which the Commonwealth was ever involved. Defiance finds itself in a situation it has never had to deal with: Isis Marik’s engagement to Sun-Tzu Liao, Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation, raised the specter of the ambitious Capellan leader controlling the League’s army and industrial production.

Archon Viola inherited the throne from her mother Tracial just in time to sign the Star League Accords and bring her nation into the new alliance.

In addition, Joshua’s demise left his half-sister Isis as heir presumptive to the Free Worlds throne. The strain of this event and others led to the sundering of the Federated Commonwealth, the birth of the Lyran Alliance, and the eruption of the FedCom Civil War.

The liberation of Hesperus resulted in immense damage, and spoiler attacks by the fleeing Blakist forces only exacerbated the situation, levying an economic toll. Victor, Katherine, Peter, Arthur and Yvonne. Formely the Lyran Commonwealth it was created as a result of Kathrine Steiner-Davion using a cluase within the alliance that formed the Federated Commonwealth to break away the lyran part.


The Lyran Guards are the heart of the Steiner military. Along with that xlliance came a declaration of secession; henceforth, Lyran territory would no longer allianec part of the FedCom, but would instead be known as the independent Lyran Alliance.

Views View Edit Edit source History. Not many Inner Sphere rulers can boast that they were once the subject of an animated propaganda vid series, but Adam Steiner is certainly amongst their number.

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Unfortunately, her long absences from Tharkad led to political instability in her realm and her heavy-handed methods of dealing with the issue caused much resentment among the people and her own family. The Arcturan Guards have a proud history, and they are as old as the Lyran Commonwealth itself.

Formed in the year and disbanded in to join the Federated Commonwealth. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. The campaign ended in only four days, and the Guards took minor casualties.

Primed by anti-Victor rumors and the upheaval of recent years, most Lyran citizens welcomed the break. The Lyran Commonwealth has never been regarded as allinace military power, but it remains a political and economic force to be reckoned with. You can help MechWarrior Online Wiki by expanding it. While the Brewers will undoubtedly be in charge, the fluctuation in stock prices might change the makeup of the board and the various alliances that keep Defiance going.

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Lyran Alliance | BattleTech: The Board Game of Armored Combat

Retrieved alllance ” http: Inner Sphere Light ‘Mechs. Retrieved from ” https: Wealth is the greatest strength of the merchant princes of the Lyran Commonwealth, ruled by House Steiner. An enraged Thomas Marik learned of the deception and promptly declared war on the FedCom.


Once the war began, she took direct command of her troops and personally led them against Rim Worlds Republic forces.

The Donegal Guards, like no other arm of the Steiner military, stand for loyalty to the Archon. Faced with this dilemma, Victor Steiner-Davion made a fateful error in judgment. Viola died in the field on the Republic capital world of Apollo, exposing herself to the same risks she asked of every one of her soldiers. With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting.

An apparently shocked Katherine disavowed Victor and proclaimed Lyran neutrality in the conflict. Formerly the number two producer of BattleMechs in the Alliance, they felt sure they would emerge from the shadow of Defiance Industries when the Blakists conquered Hesperus II. Unfortunately for them, the Word of Blake was out for revenge and sent a Shadow Division after them.

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces

Settled and dominated by predominantly Germanic and Scottish cultures, and ruled by the Steiner family through a combination of political intrigue and brute economic force, the Lyran state is united in the pursuit of status and wealth.

Though she had enjoyed a promising career in the LCAF, Viola found herself initially opposed to war on the Periphery States, only gradually coming around to see the benefits of the conflict. Inner Sphere Medium ‘Mechs.

Gienah CV is still being decried for loss of jobs almost a decade after it converted its Packrat ICE-production line to fusion. For the continuing story of the Lyran Alliance, see Jihad: The best of the lyram were handselected for this elite group of units, and only the best commanders were allowed to take them to battle.