In The Lumber-Room by Saki we have the theme of imagination, ingenuity, trust, freedom, arrogance, escape and pride. Taken from his The. The children were to be driven, as a special treat, to the sands at Jagborough. Nicholas was not to be of the party; he was in disgrace. Only that morning he had . A few attributes of story: -The aunt is tyrannical. She thinks Boy would try to enter into the garden, only because she told him not to. -It is depicted that Adult lacks.

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A Summary and Analysis of Saki’s ‘The Lumber-Room’ | Interesting Literature

Tried either of them? Tne tide had been at its highest when the children had arrived at Jagborough Cove, so there had been no sands to play on–a circumstance that the aunt had overlooked in the haste of organising lkmber punative expedition. Presently the angry repetitions of Nicholas’s name gave way to a shriek, and a cry for somebody to come quickly.

A few decent tears were looked for on the part of Nicholas when the moment for the departure of the expedition arrived. Nicholas had not had much experience of the art of fitting keys into keyholes and turning locks, but for some days past he had practised with the key of the schoolroom door; he did not believe in trusting too much to luck and accident. Such parts of the house as Eoom knew best were rather bare and cheerless, but here there were wonderful things for the eye to feast on.

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What is important is that Nicholas was being honest. The key turned stiffly in the lock, but it turned. It was probably the first time for twenty years that any one had smiled in that lumber-room.

The Wolves Of Cernogratz. Nicholas shut the book, restored it carefully to its place in a corner, and shook some dust from a neighbouring pile of newspapers over it.

First and foremost there was a piece of framed tapestry that was evidently meant to be a fire-screen. Often and often Nicholas had pictured to himself what the lumber-room might be like, that region that was so carefully sealed from youthful eyes and concerning which no questions were ever answered.


The Lumber-Room by Saki H. The aunt maintained the frozen muteness of one who has suffered undignified and unmerited detention in a rain-water tank for thirty-five minutes.

As a matter of fact, he had no intention of trying to get into the gooseberry garden, but it was extremely convenient for sakii that his aunt should believe that he had; pumber was sakki belief that would keep her on self-imposed sentry-duty sakk the greater part of the afternoon. Perhaps you have read it?

With neither giving the other an inch. Now the gooseberry garden had two doors by which it might be entered, and once a small person like Nicholas could slip in there he could effectually disappear from view amid ny masking growth of artichokes, raspberry canes, and fruit bushes. The key was as important as it looked; it was the instrument which kept the mysteries of the lumber-room secure from unauthorized intrusion, which opened a way only for aunts and such-like privileged persons.

Interesting Literature

How they will enjoy themselves! Tne aunt-by-assertion was one of those people who think that things spoil by use and consign them to dust and damp lunber way of preserving them. If this makes the aunt a liar and a hypocrite, seemingly happy to disregard her own commands when it means saving herself from more time in the water-tank, then Nicholas is hardly innocent himself.

But there were other objects of delight and interest claiming his instant attention: It was her habit, whenever one of the children fell from grace, to improvise something of a festival nature from which the offender would be rigorously debarred; if all the children sinned collectively they were suddenly informed of a circus in a neighbouring town, a circus of unrivalled merit and uncounted elephants, to which, but for their depravity, they would have been taken that very day.

There lumbeg also a sense that Nicholas feels proud about his ability to outsmart his Aunt and the other adults when it comes to the incident with the frog. Then he crept from the room, locked the door, and replaced the key exactly where he had found it.

Once again, Nicholas outwits his aunt, convincing her that he longs to go exploring in the gooseberry garden, and thus decoying her into keeping stern watch on the garden, since she fully expects him to attempt to break rooom into that fruity paradise. Aunt often tells me that the Evil One tempts me and that I always yield This time I’m not going to yield. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Her original goal was to punish Nicholas. Having thoroughly confirmed and fortified her suspicions Nicholas slipped back into the house and rapidly put into execution a plan of action that had long germinated in his brain.

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Oh, Devil, you have sold yourself! Unlike his Aunt who the reader discovers later on in the story has lied about the jam. To Nicholas it was a living, breathing story; he sat down on a roll of Indian hangings, glowing in wonderful colours beneath a layer of dust, and took in all the details of the tapestry picture.

If anything Nicholas while in the lumber-room is free to allow himself to roam to any place roon he wants to.

A man, dressed in the hunting costume of some remote period, had just transfixed a stag with an arrow; it could not have been a difficult shot because the stag was only one or two paces away from him; in the thickly growing vegetation that the picture suggested it would not have been difficult to creep up to a feeding stag, and the two spotted dogs that were springing forward sxki join in the chase had evidently been trained to keep to heel till the arrow was discharged.

Auden Poems Everyone Should Read. Lumger fact that he put the frog there is not significant. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The aunt had many other things to do that afternoon, but she spent an hour or two in trivial gardening operations lumbwr flower beds and shrubberies, whence she could keep a watchful eye on the two doors that led to the forbidden paradise.

The tightness of Bobby’s boots had had a disasterous effect on his temper the whole of the afternoon, and altogether the children could not have been said to have enjoyed themselves.

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