Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information – Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current. Official Ubuntu Documentation Site. Application Documentation. Gnome Documentation Library LTSP Documentation. LTSP Manual ยท Manual page for Introduction. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. The Edubuntu DVD ships .

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Passwords will travel in cleartext over the network, as well as anything else. Search for a line reading dhcpStatements: If you do not want this, you should disable it via one of the following routes: First, setup the server to provide client machines with a kernel at boottime.

Its main features include Network based user accounts – A student documentatiion log onto any Raspberry Pi in the classroom and have access to their files.

DebianEdu/Documentation/Jessie/HowTo/NetworkClients – Debian Wiki

The nbdswapd allows clients to use swap space through a NBD. Gentoo’s LTSP packages are stored in the ltsp ebuild repository. Get Edubuntu Visit our download section to find out how you can get Edubuntu.

Managing roaming profiles Roaming profiles contain user work environments which include desktop items and settings. Changing network settings The debian-edu-config package comes with a tool which helps in changing the network from Developer page, place to store developer related information, like design specifications and blueprints.

Note that changing to one of the subnets already used elsewhere in Debian Edu will not work. X -query ltspserverXX If you are on the thin client network, run this command: We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Their files are stored centrally on the server. Changing it would require changes to both the LDAP structure and several files docuemntation the main server file system.

  DIN 1356-1 PDF

Refer to the Gentoo Wiki chapter for detailed installation instructions. Make sure, that the display manager is installed in the LTSP chroot. Infrastructure for this is usually already included in ICT classrooms but if not, lts simple network is relatively cheap and simple to set up. Your clients should now be load-balanced! These can be found in the External resources section below. Due to all the Raspberry Pis booting off the server, if you want to add a new piece of software to every Raspberry Pi in the classroom, update master documenattion and reboot all Raspberry Pis, that is it You should be presented with a window similar to the one above.

Machine policies for docu,entation profiles Machine policies can be edited and copied to all the other computers. This is often wanted on special machines – for instance on dedicated machines, or machines that have lower than usual bandwith. Retrieved from ” https: Next, you simply have to set the connected workstations to boot from the network.

Also, some badly docujentation programs use the profile to store data and as scratch space.

LTSP – Gentoo Wiki

This has the advantage of working almost instantly on all Windows machines. For some time, the policy editor standalone download has been removed from the Microsoft web site, but it’s still available as part of the ORK Tools. One thing to remember is that if you enable folder redirection, those folders are automatically added to the synchronised folders list. The latter is available after emerging the ltsp-docs package. By default it will use the second network card, but if your system only has a single network card installed, you will have to use “eth0”.


If you use hostname you must have a working DNS.

Its main features include. If all LTSP client machines support the processor architecture the linux-image package could be installed in the chroot. Technical resources include an active chatroom, wiki documentation and a mailing list. This causes shared directories available via NFS to not be available on diskless workstations.

LTSP Support and Resources

Documfntation a whole series of meetings for our new homepage and wiki, we decided to have public meetings from now on. To minimise the time needed, deactivate things like local cache in browsers you can use ltxp Squid proxy cache installed on tjener instead and save files into the H: This page was last modified on 2 Novemberat Any consequent builds use these packages to speed up the process.

Mark a selection, right-click, and select “Export”. The main difference is that a 5.

The Linux Terminal Server Project is a doccumentation of scripts and documentation to create a cluster of thin clients. For all future installs, please use PiNet.