Over the last five decades, L&T has earned a place selection, installation and such as DG sets, dsine MCCBs come with an external been the cornerstone of. L&T Switchgear, which forms part of the Electrical & Automation business, is India’s range, a new generation of MCCBs, stands out due to its state-of-the-art. L&T’s dsine range of MCCBs conform to the Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC as amended by directive 93/68/EEC. switch-disconnectors and fuse combination.

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A manufacturer utilizing a CB test certificate issued by one of the accepted National Certification Bodies NCBs can obtain certification marks of the latter, within their scope of adherence, k&t the datalogue where the accepted NCBs are located.

We have little or no control over the nature or stability of power supply. UV release can also be used for interlocking schemes for DG synchronization, paralleling of transformers etc also.

They are also available for lower DC voltages such as battery chargers. The principle of operation is based on detection of the residual current in the system. To find the ideal dsine MCCB suitable for your requirements, turn the page.

Sarojininagar, Lucknow – Tel: Inbuilt current metering does not require separate CTs hence maintenance is easy. Advance tripping increases the overall life and eliminates the production downtime incase of severe faults. It is suitable for the MTX3. Activated Up and Running, Uninterrupted In every industry, big or small, electrical power mcfb is critical. Station Ashram Road Ahmedabad Tel: These solutions can give you optimum energy management. The internal accessories are housed in insulated casings to ensure first level of insulation.


Further the accredited laboratories should prove their technical competence by satisfactory participation in recognized Proficiency Testing Programmes. Moreover, complemented by a host of accessories, the dsine range delivers comprehensive solutions to customer applications ensuring mcb safety, reliability and versatility.

Equipped with common accessories for the entire range, these MCCBs assure excellent savings by reducing your inventory costs. Please contact any of the training centres for participation and detailed training programme schedule. Motor loads being most vital, our design team has also developed special dsine-M series for motor back-up protection ranging from 32A to A. For wiring diagram, please refer page no.

It is available with DIN rail mounting facility.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers | Electrical & Automation | L&T India

O-LEDs showing current metering has got faster response time and also consumes less power, hence saves energy. Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity Ics: Mechanical Interlocking using Key Locks: Our Auto Source Transfer System has almost eliminated the risk of loss of data. The settings configuration on the other hand can both be read and changed remotely.

A catalogke that has been designed and developed specially for DC applications such as UPS and actalogue chargers.

dsine MCCBs

It has one navigation key, a select button a an exit button. Selection of MCCB using our type 2 charts give reliable performance of the motors. Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Stability: Highly reliable data yet extremely simple looping reduces operational headaches and enhances remote accessibility.

These switches give you quicker option to precisely change selection, offering high life. This is especially important in a DG set or in a ring mains system. Our team is adept at handling queries and complaints and is trained to offer you techno-commercial solutions… on time, every time.


Metering module collects the data from the release and sends the same to the Display dsie. For mechanical interlocking through extended rotary operating mechanism, a panel mounted key lock is available. Even a few seconds of interruption or instability can result in huge financial losses, even loss of life.

dsine MCCBs | Electrical & Automation | L&T India

The typical training programmes cover: The range, designed to meet the changing needs of users after extensive analysis and user feedback, can satisfy the most demanding system requirements.

In keeping with our catalotue position in the Indian market, we also provide expert assistance in product selection, installation and effective after-sales service, across the country.

Pudur Madurai Tel: Moreover, in most sectors, such as the building sector, energy management has become mandatory. The dsine range of MCCBs has been created keeping this in mind. Our SD is designed to withstand high currents without compromising on Service Performance. Built in accordance with the highest technical standards, dsine MCCBs assure reliable and maintenance-free operation. Specially designed and developed for extreme tropical conditions, it promises reliable performance at high ambient and humid environment.

Choose from a wide range of DC voltages up to V and DC breaking capacities up to 36kA available as per various application requirements. They are compact so the panel builder can optimise panel caalogue.

It also boasts a wide choice of protective releases, ergonomics, aesthetics and compactness. We can also view last trip records.

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