Zelenka, Jan Dismas Psalmi Vespertini II. Between mid and late the Bohemian-born, Dresden-based court musician Jan Dismas Zelenka. Release Date: 1st Jun ; Catalogue No: ; Label: Nibiru; Series: by Janice Stockigt of the University of Melbourne and the sung texts in English. By Intervening Grace Of Miracle MEDICINE MAN (Half-sung) We are moved to sing songs of war, none have sung, prepared for Battle We must think thoughts.

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Marianne said this on June 28, at DJ said this on May 10, at Rev 18 is USA.

Zelenka: Psalmi Vespertini III

Conquering political and or religious force begins to take over the world. This reversal effect is due to overloading of the image sensor causing a sort of shut down of affected pixels.

Not to mention Y2K and Mayan calendar predictions. His physics are backwards.

Nibiru – Some Will Never Know – international hardcore / punk zine

Jim Giordano said this on July 2, at 8: It was generated from a lens element that was coated with a reddish anti-reflective layer which absorbed red light and transmitted blue light. Do you know how many crazy stories nlbiru flooded the internet in the last 25 years.

And now you post two more lies, as we shall see pretty soon. If Nibiru is revolving niniru a dark object there is no light to illuminate it. Everything else happens afterward. A New World Order? Since then, Beta Pictoris has been an object of intense scrutiny with Hubble and ground-based telescopes. I never wrote such a thing. Cruise and myself play in Frustration, who will be releasing an album early next year. However, after it hits, we may not have our seasons any more like spring, summer, winter, or fall.


But I think we still have a couple of years for this to happen…. I never said anything about august or any other date…. He also said when we see ALL these things happening our redemption is near. The choral and solo vocal passages sit above a relentless instrumental unison ostinato pattern of eight bars length which provides driving energy from beginning to end.

Here in California there are constant fly-overs and practice bombings out in the desert. He is the one who will highlight the good that is in the Koran it is, nibir all, crumbs in it.

Cities who are participating include: I expected His Return in !

It has been known for a very long time that something has been causing land and marine mass extinctions of varying degrees for millions of years. It is one thing to simply believe Nibiru might be real but it is something else to believe in lies. The star that falls to earth will be a meteor or comet that will kick up enough dust to darken the sun, moon and stars and may cause crop failures and famine throughout the world. Bottom line… you got nothing here. There is nothing else to be learned from Nibiru.


Today, Zatas communicate with folks in Santa Fe and upon Bell Rock, Sedona and other occult locations around the world.

Oh well, if Hollywood is right, then you are wrong. But he says it is in the southern skies at a right angle from the sun which means it should appear side-lit like the first quarter moon.

Jim Giordano said this on July 4, at 9: It took days for the waters to receed. And it will bring about an act of God so enjoy your short life. Adam, Dude, you swore up and down a year or more ago that Nibiru would get here by Christmas.

Here is one that caught my attention. Lets wait and see. They get their kicks scaring vulnerable people into thinking the earth will soon be destroyed lshng that they need to fear for their lives.

Some idiot made up a story and claimed to know the size, color and orbit of something they never actually saw.

That he is the Antichrist? SO give it up, its just another Nibiru hoax.

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