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Service Manual Introduction Symbols used in this manual Introduction This manual contains technical data, design and functional descriptions, as well as instructions as regards the operation and the adjustment of machine settings.

The document includes a number of drawings, functional schematics, as well as detailed views of units and assemblies of LIEBHERR hy- draulic excavators.

The documentation has been designed to support customer support services, but does of course not replace proper technical training and qualification of the user, and participation in LIEBHERR opera- tor training courses.

General basic technical information is not included in the manual. For operating instructions and in- formation on spare parts, please refer to the separate documentation.

Operating instructions

During all work on liebherf machine, strictly adhere to the relevant accident prevention and safety regu- lations. These terms are used in combination with the following symbols: Danger Warning referring to a danger where there is a high probability of death or serious injury to opera- tors, unless the prescribed safety measures are taken.

Caution Warning relating to dangers that might lead to injury or damage to the machine, unless the prescri- bed safety measures are taken.

Note This symbol accompanies instructions and tips regarding the operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

This symbol identifies “Pre-condition MUST be fulfilled” This symbol indicates a single procedure in a sequence of procedures.

This symbol indicates a result of an action. This manual has been exclusively compiled for internal use by the manuaal machine owner. This service manual shall be amended without prior notice to reflect new technical developments and machine series.

LIEBHERR reserves the right to make minor technical amendments to the machines that might not be reflected in the accompanying documentation. Introduction Service Manual Symbols used in this manual Depending on the series development, the service manual shall be revised in electronic format. Changes and amendments are listed in group 1. Compiled by the Technical Documentation Department. The subgroups are listed on the first page of each main group section.

The subgroup list also includes the machines and serial numbers to which the subgroup is relevant. In the event of minor changes, we will send you the amended page showing the current date. If an manhal subgroup is completely revised and re-edited, the new version will be assigned a new subgroup number. Service Manual Changes and modifications to series Last updated: Changes and modifications to series Service Manual Last updated: Special tools for electrical equipment all types revised 2.


Adjustment protocol V 4. Hydraulic schematic A C type from revised Steering drive axle LT 71 A C type from revised Rigid axle D 71 A C type from revised Steering drive axle LT A C type from revised Rigid axle D A C type from revised lliebherr Testing and adjustment tasks V4.

Steering drive axle LT 71 A C type from new liebherr Rigid axle D 71 A C type from new Service Manual Safety mnual Proper use Safety instructions Working with the machine holds dangers to which you as the owner, machine operator or mainte- nance expert could be exposed.

If you regularly read and observe the safety information, you can guard against dangers and accidents. This applies especially to persons, who are working on the ma- chine only occasionally, such as for maintenance work. The following information comprises safety regulations which, if followed conscientiously, will guarantee your safety and that of other persons, as well as avoid damage to the machine.

Following these regulations does not release you from the responsibility to follow all safety regulati- ons and guidelines valid for the jobsite, as required by law or issued by trade associations. Moving the machine when liebher is carrying a load must be carried out by observing the appropriate safety measures see section “Notes for machine operating safety”. The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from this action. The risk must be assumed solely by the user. The legal mini- mum age must be observed.

Clearly define who is responsible for the operation or set up, maintenance and repair. This also applies in regards to traffic regulations. Avoid wearing rings, wat- ches, ties, scarves, open jackets or loose clothing. There is a danger of injury, as these items could get caught or be pulled in.

Wear task-appropriate personal protective equipment at all times. Make especially sure that they are free of dirt, oil, ice and snow. To ensure that the doors open in all weather conditions, lubricate the weather strips at least every two months, or more often, if necessary, with talcum powder or silicon.

Lubricate the door hinges and locks regularly. Insure that all re- quired safety signs are in place and legible.

The cooling fan can cause severe injury, objects can be catapulted away or destroyed, and the fan can be dama- ged by the objects. Avoid con- tact with any components containing coolant. Danger of severe burns. Turn the cap carefully to relieve the pressure. Do not allow your skin to come manaul contact with hot oil or components containing hot oil.

Liebherr UK – Operating Instructions

Avoid sparks and na- ked flames. Secure all doors and windows to prevent unintentional movement.

If necessary, open doors and windows in the building to provide ample fresh air. Low oil temperatures cause a slow reaction of the controls. Otherwise, chock or block wheels when parking on a slope. Set the parking and liebheerr gear brake. Service Manual Safety instructions Working with the machine and distance. Observe the required clearance distances to any underground utilities.


Ob- serve the required clearance distances to any power lines.

Shift to a lower gear to allow the engine to control the maximum speed of the machine. Have only one person signal you. Safety instructions Service Manual Working with the machine must position himself within view of the operator or be in voice liebhrer with him. To avoid damage, ut- most attention is required when the bucket teeth enter this range.

Doing this will shift the machine centre of gravity and reduce stability. The following practices and precautions should be observed: The protective screen FOPS must be installed if there is a danger of falling objects from over- libeherr. Know the density and weight of materials manjal handled. The travel and work behaviour of the machine will thereby be strongly influenced, for example reduction of dynamic stability. In horizontal direction, the centre of gravity of the uppercarriage is above the cen- tre of the undercarriage, which improves stability.

For that reason, the following rules must be strictly manaul When driving the machine: Potholes and uneven road sur- faces endanger the stability of the machine. In material liebherd operation: Before moving turning the uppercarriage from transport position, the machine must be supported on outriggers and horizontally aligned.

Sinking of an outrigger below ground level would result in devastating consequences! Position the uppercarriage to the undercarriage in such a way that the steps and ladders are aligned. Note that factors such as wind, can make it more difficult to open the door. For that reason, always manuwl the door by hand when opening the door. Make sure that the door oiebherr properly latched open. Then close the door and fasten the safety belt. When exiting, face the machine and use the three-point support.

Climb down until you can close the door safely. Always guide the door by hand when closing the door. Especially the following parameters have a significant influence: Speed, steering, braking, control of operating elements of the machine during travel as well as working.

This results in a wide range of various vibration impacts for the same machine type. The full body vibration impact for the machine operator can be reduced if the following recommenda- tions are observed: Tire pressure, brakes, steering, mechanical connections, etc.

Use suitable lifting devices with sufficient load carrying capacity. Always wear work gloves when handling wire cables. Switch off the diesel engine, remove the key and turn the safety lever upward.

Make sure that the hydraulic lines are properly attached and that all fittings and connections are properly tightened.

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