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Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. Please read ligro, Rand Miller did a wonderful job. For some reason, the detail about the blue flowers caught my attention and I’ve spent some time researching what they may be. The comparison is particularly apt—the brothers Miller, like Tolkien, are meticulous craftsmen and took the time to build the myths and legends of their world, creating a much more complex and involving tale in the process.

The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume by Rand Miller

But with the ability to create other librro, they also have the ability destroy them. See they are from a race of people who lived underground until they were all of a sudden destroyed.

Solid fantasy through and through. But, back to the point, the only reason why I picked this book up when I was a whole of what?

The Book of Atrus

I really liked the premise of the plot – that you can create real worlds by the stories you write. Aug 09, Gwen rated it liked it.


The game works, they say, because it is as rich in its complex storyline as it is in its state-of-the-art graphics. D’ni certainly is an intense world, full of history and great characters. Refresh and try again. The latter two books are too heavy with foreshadowing and flimsy but blunt characterizations that seriously destroy all desire to get through what is a pretty fucking long tome of a book that goes on for way too long.

Still, I would recommend it. The Miller brothers and Mr. This is book 1 in a three part series, read them in order! I have attrus many fantasy and sci-fi books before, but none can compare to this one when it comes to the world created inside the book. Although I never got into the game and don’t really care for computer games like that, I do love to read. Lihro 15, Scott Pate rated it liked it. After 14 years, he has come to take Atrus to atrks fabled city of his heritage,D’ni. It descends into high fantasy-esque wars and battles which don’t really fit in a Myst novel and which Miller does not handle very well.

Yes, the girl he references frequently in the first “Myst” game. The authors were the creators of Myst, and they did a wonderful job fleshing out the storyline through the numerous books and games. Atrus and his father libeo two of the last few D’Ni ligro.


The Book of Atrus (Myst, #1) by Rand Miller

Gehn, being the overbearing man that he is, did not think most of Atrus’ ideas were good ones. Most of Gehn’s worlds are unstable and if a world has inhabitants Gehn insists on be treated as a God. Might be okay, but I wasn’t willing to risk it.

So with the help of a girl named Cathrine, a local of one of Gehn’s Ages, he plots to trap Gehn and rid the world of his disregard for what the Art stands for. Maybe I thought it would be an easy read, maybe I wanted to laugh at how poorly written it was, but I was pleasantly surprised because this book was not poorly written at all. My dad bought the video game when it first came out and it came with this book. I found The Book of Atrus to be an enjoyable adventure set in a visual world with provocative ethical dilemmas.

It’s almost an ideal childhood until one day his father, Gehn, returns and seeks to take him back to D’ni. Nevertheless, those few nitpicks hardly diminish lubro excellence that is Myst: I was really hoping that I’d found a gem. I suspect it’s really as good as I remember.