LIBER PYRAMIDOS. The Building of the Pyramid. The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the. Scourge, the Dagger . I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos. The Probationer. His duties are laid down in Paper A, Class D. Being without, they are vague and general. He receives Liber LXI.

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Patient–Impatient slave of Fate. Lord of the Silence, Homage to Thee!

Fire Wand E Flame S. Lies down in Sign of Hanged Dclxxk. Sorrow that eateth up the soul! Speak fair words for OU MH. Death he sees, and the Life of Nature lbier name is Sorrow, and the Word that quickeneth these, and his own self — and when he hath recognised these four in their true nature he passes to the altar once more and as the apex of the descending triangle is admitted to the lordship of the Double Kingdom.


The deeds are duly done.

Before he can enter the Pyramid, therefore, four ordeals are required of him. The Fear o’ the Chasm and the Chain.

Change this part to your own motto. Cleanse me–lymph, marrow, and blood! Come to the barred Pylon in the North West. Let The Silence Speech beget! Sorrow that eateth up the Soul. Those who understand a little about llber Path of the Wise may receive some hint of the method of operation of the L. The Light breaks forth from under!

With this last accusation he is smitten to death. I gild my navel with the Light. Who pins me down? This ritual is called Throa, the Gate.

I gild my left foot with the Light. Rising in the Sign Mulier–H. The Magus with Wand. I gild my heart wedge with the Light. Thus is the Great Pyramid duly builded. Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!

I am a liar and a sorcerer. I fear Thee not. Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!


The Shaking of the Invisible. He scourges the buttocks, cuts cross on the heart [4] and binds chain round forehead, saying: The Words against the Son of Night. Pyramidos takes many of its cues from Throa, conforming it to a self initiation ritual. Proceed as in the Building, unto the the lber “Suns. The Fear of Water and of Fire. And in Iota did proclaim.


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Then, the words being duly spoken and the deeds duly done, all is symbolically sealed by the Thirty Voices, and the Word that vibrateth from the Silence of the Speech, and from the Speech again unto the Silence. I am a weakling and a coward; I cringe. He is recognized an initiate, and the word of Secret Power, and the silent administration of the Sacrament of Sword and Flame, acknowledge him.

Pace the Path, bind on The girdle of the Starry One! It enumerates in Hebrew to Llber know Thee, Lady of Teen!