VFR Chart of LGKR. IFR Chart of LGKR. Location Information for LGKR. Coordinates: N39°’ / E19°’ View all Airports in Ionioi Nisoi. NOSTO 1R & 1S, PITAS 2S, TIGRA 2R & 2S ARRS D. LATAN 2S ARR E . NOSTO 1T, PITAS & TIGRA 2T ARRS F. PARAX, PARNA & VARDI 1T. Corfu Kerkira, Greece CFU/LGKR Circling 17/VOR 35 Glidepath VOR 35 degrees Rough runway surface, terrain & turbulence. Kerkira.

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The service is also very good and George has put a lot of effort into making sure the place looks first class. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Only non-precision approaches available, all with high MDAs. Corfu was one of many places to benefit from cnarts boom in package holidays that started in the early s. The owners are used to charrs enthusiasts and always welcome me back when I pay a return visit.

CFU – Kerkyra [Ioannis Kapodistrias Intl], Corfu, F, GR – Airport – Great Circle Mapper

Note the high ground while turning finals. When night falls and the camera has been put away, the food and drink here is excellent. Runway 17 also has a displaced threshold due to the proximity of the road at the north end of the runway so has less landing distance available. A good spot for early arrivals before the deck opens around 9 am.

Corfu has several good vantage points for photography depending on the runway in use and the time of day.

The traffic at Corfu is very seasonal and comprises for the most part of European charter and tour operators which can be seen at many other typical holiday destinations during the summer. Runway lights may be partially obscured by close-in high terrain during the circling manoeuvre. When the runway is wet, rubber deposits or pooled water in the rutted surface chzrts decrease braking action especially in the touchdown zones at BOTH ends of the runway.

With anything airliner size this will involve rolling all the way to the end of the runway to the turning circle then back track 17 cyarts exit to the ramp at the northern end. Corfu – Kerkyra is the airport serving the island of Corfu, the most northern and second largest of the Greek Ionian Islands.


Kerkira airport is on the eastern side of the island of Corfu. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.

LGKR (Kerkyra Airport , Greece): Daily Weather Quality Charts

Departures often find less of a delay by backtracking 35 and departing between the arrivals. Around midday, the sun passes overhead and its time to move on to somewhere the light is behind you again. Care is needed as this is also a short-cut rat run for the local motor scooter population, some of which have little regard for pedestrians. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The other location I have used for afternoon and evening shooting is what I refer to as Snake Spit – this is because I have noticed a few snakes here from time to time so thats clearly something to be aware of.

RWY 35 is the preferred landing runway in calm wind conditions. However, amid the chaos, the airport and its surroundings offer some great opportunities chharts airplane photography.

The terminal itself struggles to cope at peak times and ATC are stretched by a combination of more traffic and a lack of more modern infrastructure to help deal with it. Preferred operations are from runway 35 as this facilitates more expeditious approach sequencing and vacation of the runway to the parking areas which are at the north end of the airport. For runway 35 my preferred location initially would be Nisos bar and restaurant, which is a short walk down the hill and across the causeway.

The other place everyone seems to go to watch the action is the causeway which links the east and west sides of the lagoon at the southern end. People started to flock here attracted by the guaranteed weather along with cheap flights and accommodation and it soon became a very popular tourist destination.

Daily Weather Quality Charts for LGKR (Kerkyra Airport , Greece): 2018-Dec-30

RWY 17 is left-hand circuit only. There are few visual cues available until turning onto base leg. Comments 0 Leave a comment. Lgir island is mountainous with few obstruction lights, although there are some in the airport vicinity. The image below was shot from the “corner on the hill” – a 3 minute walk down the road from the Royal Cafe deck.


Only circle-to-land minima available for RWY 17 landing. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


You can fharts a responseor trackback from your own site. Exercise caution on final approach due to obstructions between 1 nm and touchdown. Either of these venues serve drinks and meals of a good standard, so it seems only polite to at least order lykr coffee chsrts so often if you plan to stay a while. So anything could turn up as a surprise. Assuming runway 35 is in use, the mornings are best observed from the cafe deck at the Royal Hotel.

I can also recommend this place for an evening meal. The Lctr A circling procedure has the lowest minima. RWY 17 is the preferred runway for take-off in calm wind conditions.

For most departures on 17 this angle would be too low. Little has changed since then except the ever-increasing number of holidaymakers. The centre spread was a beautiful sunny shot of an Ilyushin IL of the East German airline Interflug over the piano keys, taken from an elevated position against a backdrop of green trees, terracotta houses and a shimmering blue lake.

Its actually along the western edge of the lagoon after you have crossed the causeway and climbed down to the shoreline and passed over a little bridge. The image below was shot charrts Snake Spit in the evening but shows the location of the Royal and Kanoni cafes. This is exactly where the shot of the Interflug IL chart the magazine article was taken from.

Visual identification of the runway at night may be difficult due to limited approach and runway lighting. Contributers biriskyp colinadair heather PrimeJet Tailstrike This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Facebook account.