CU Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed subscriber unit and its. popular lg gr manual pages lg vu plus is the mobile phone that will link you to the instructions lg owners manualslg cu owners manual – wordpress – lg. CU Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on That the Customer Service Department at LG was not notified by consumer of the alleged Drag and Drop Music Using VU As A Mass Storage Device.

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Bookmarks This function allows you to store and edit frequently accessed sites. You can delete all read messages.

Allows you to write a new message or edit the selected template mes- sage. Buscar Nuevo Dispositivo Tonos De Timbre Please read all the information carefully for optimal performance and to prevent any damage to or misuse of the phone. Libreta De Direcciones The following text input methods are available on the phone. The battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging. Musicid views via streaming so the user should cu90 an unlimited MEdia bundle like the MEdia Max For Your Safety Deletes a number of messages you have selected from the folder.



Indicates that you are using GPRS. Start Up Guide Cuidado De La Antena The default set- ting on the phone is T9 disabled mode.

Installing The Smartchip Page 10 Answer Mode Delete All Contacts ShortCut Menu The shortcut menu provides eight further menu options. Page Making a Call What research is needed to decide whether RF exposure from wireless 6.

CU920 Support

You can view and edit the template messages or create new messages. Voicemail This menu provides you with a quick way of accessing your voice mailbox. Selecting Hide shows your phone only to already paired devices. By tapping this icon [ ], you can set the options below. Touch Calibration Reset your screen for ease of use.

LG Vu Manual / User Guide

Data Counter Dialed Calls Length of outgoing calls. Fixed Dial Number This allows you to restrict your outgoing calls to selected phone numbers, if Service Dial Numbers Voice can also be translated into characters and then displayed on the TTY. Preguntas Y Respuestas Quality Determines the quality of a video clip.


Icon Change to Video record mode. Alert Type Alert Type Ringtones: The loudspeaker is automati- cally deactivated when you end the call. Master Reset Restores the settings e.

Hacer Una Llamada A phone with TTY support is able to translate typed characters to voice. To change to mode in a text entry field, tap [Options]-[Text Entry Mode]-[]. General Notice Service Centre to replace the damaged antenna.

Character Encoding Allows you to select the character encoding to visit a foreign website.

Settings Menu Settings Menu Settings Menu Call Call Forwarding When this network service is activated, you can direct your incoming calls to another number, for example, to your voice mailbox number.

What steps can I take to reduce my exposure to radiofrequency energy Index Index Access Codes Take it to a qualified service technician when repair work is required. Indicaciones De Seguridad

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