() $ (continued on back flap) The Leyden Papyrus The Leyden Papyrus AN EGYPTIAN MAGICAL BOOK EDITED BY F. LI. GRIFFITH AND. F. Ll. Griffith & Herbert Thompson The Leyden Papyrus (An Egyptian Magical Book) Dover Publications Inc. Acrobat 7 Pdf Mb. A page from the Leyden Papyrus X. (facing page 17). A page from the Stockholm Papyrus. (facing page 47). Four plates illustrating ancient Egyptian preparative.

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Lwyden to me, O ye of the underworld, the box of myrrh that is in my hand ; 3 receive me before you, O ye souls of Aker belonging to Bi-wekem, the box of frankincense that hath four corners. It seems probable that this group may be used simply as a mark of emphasis, paptrus. In conclusion, we have to record our gratitude, first, to our predecessors in publication and decipherment of the papyrus — to Reuvens, Leemans, and Hess, to Brugsch, Maspero, Revillout, and W. This should be an imperative: Prescription for bringing the gods in by force: Invocation before the sun for success generally.


Full text of “The Leyden Papyrus”

Tin, a tenth of a mina; copper of Cyprus, a sixteenth of a mina; mineral of Magnesia, a thirty-second; mercury, two staters. Reference may be made to the volume on Egyptian papyrux by Dr. It does not follow that they were written by the original compiler. Thompson, Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers, No.

Manufacture of an Alloy for a Preparation. To oeyden gold, take cadmia of Thracia, make the mixture with cadmia in crusts, or that from Galacia. Formula for averting anger of a superior.

For Horus rising from the lotus-flower see Lanzone, Diz. A handful of lime and another of sulfur in fine powder; place them in a vessel containing strong vinegar or the urine of a small child.

Leyden papyrus X

The fury 10 of Yaho, Sabaho, Horyo. A gloss to 1. Do I speak 31 to thee? O this dog, who is among the ten lsyden 4 which belong to Anubis, the son of his body, extract thy venom, remove thy saliva?

It is written in Greek. Premiere lettre, Papyrus bilingues.

When you desire to make inquiry of the lamp with it at any time if you fill papryus eyes with this 30 blood aforesaid, and if you go in to pronounce a spell over the lamp you see a figure of a god standing behind? Names of plants and minerals. Thy form is a scarab with the face of a ram ; its tail a hawk’s, it wearing?


Papyrus Graecus Holmiensis – Wikipedia

But the papyrus is especially interesting for the language in which it is written. Golenischeff, and kindred stones, the Berlin papyrus edited by Erman Zauber- spriiche fur Mutter u. The spell seems very corrupt, but some sense may be made of it by supplying e-f before gm.

XX You take a XXI her flesh, until she shall follow? Copper Equal to Gold.

Formula for an eye-paint? How one goes about making the solder for works of gold: The reading is uncertain.

Here a papyrud has been written under sp, but below the line, as if inserted later, and the inference may be drawn that the sign in question indicates that a number is wanting. Christianity probably only a deformed reference to the Father in Heaven.

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