Leslie Allen “Les” Carlyon AC, is an Australian writer, who was born in northern Victoria in The book was the basis for the Australian TV miniseries Gallipoli, released in the year of the th anniversary of the campaign. His The. The definitive work and national bestseller”The book of the year” Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning HeraldLes Carlyon’s Gallipoli is the epic story of the fighting. Booktopia has Gallipoli, Centenary Edition by Les Carlyon. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Gallipoli online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Which would explain why Not much personal courage there either. He was in this instance, as always ruthless in his pusuit of his personal glory. Dec 26, Rex Brampton rated it really liked it. I was initially worried about this one as it seemed to be exclusively about the ANZAC experience of the campaign reasonable enough as it was written by an Australian for the Australian market but, after a few chapters, it became clear that it was a less partial and, while the ANZAC carlypn still takes precedence, the book covers the British campaign and the Turkish defence as well.

carllyon He needed a father figure close by, a Kitchener or Roberts just across the Channel. Anyway, at the crlyon of evacuation carlyn ordered and conducted with skill, stealth and speed.

A veteran journalist from down under, he is not in quite the same league as Alan Moorehead or Robert Hughes. For those who may not be gallipoki, the Gallipoli campaign was basically the invasion of Turkey via the Dardanelles by the Allied forces inaiming to open up a second front against Germany. Doddering old General Stopford of the administrative only experience had seniority for a battlefield position that put him in charge of the new landing at Suvla Bay.

An excerpt from my Great Grandfather’s effort to find cover from the Turkish guns appears on page of this book. Carlyon takes a wide view of this episode that was indeed part of a ‘world war’, and considers not only the Anzacs and the British, but also the Irish, French, Gurkhas, Turks and Germans.

Another conflict that shaped our world nearly a century ago. This biographical article about a print editor is a stub. They became a mutual protection society and offered the occasional alibi. They got used to their exposed position, “the crazy piers, the landing of stores by hand from bumping lighters, the strings of kicking mules, the heavy dust, the cramped spaces, the jostling crowds on the narrow beach within range of the enemy’s guns”. Carlyon’s monumental account of that campaign has been rightfully acclaimed and a massive bestseller gqllipoli Australia.


Les Carlyon

The book’s main focus is upon the Australian involvement but the author does not neglect the role of the other Allied contingents, soldiers and s Les Carlyon’s new book published in ls Australia covering the Allied campaign against Turkey in the Dardanelles is one of those books that you find hard to put down once you start. The politicians were hardly better but that is to be expected.

He probably would have got away with commanding an army in France. Carylon feels that Stopford is used as a scapegoat for the even more egregious actions above Anzac beach during the August initiative. Oct 04, Campbell Mcaulay rated it it was amazing.

Sep 30, Jc rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I read this because I wanted to and since have travelled to Gallipoli and the book really made the Peninsula more special than had I gallipolj read the book. But Hamilton had no more idea than Sir Douglas Haig a far less imaginative and educated soldier how to break the stalemate of the trenches.

Review: Gallipoli by LA Carlyon | Books | The Guardian

Editor of The Age — Bean wrote that the war was like a crusade to Australians. View all 15 comments. Yet he made no attempt to develop new tactics, spending most of his time afloat. Sir Ian Hamilton, a brave, chivalrous officer, lamented the plight of his troops in poetic prose. It isn’t perfect and I found the telling of the story to be fractured, confused and in some places downright illogical.

A constant theme of the book is that the terrain at Gallipoli is incomprehensible and although they do their best with the maps to explain what happened it caryon still confusing. To put it bluntly, its sounds like absolute hell. May 30, Stewart Crichton rated it really liked it. Nor does his forget the enemy, ‘Johnny Turk’, who many Australian soldiers later came to respect regardless of the horrific fighting that they had endured.



Except that Hamilton seemed to think that in these things alone could win battles, as they once did in the Lfs. Nothing l have read on Gallipoli compares with this book. The incident at the Nek was like incest: You will find no glorification of war in these pages, but will finish it holding the soldiers in high esteem.

It’s beloved of the seagulls, and every April and May it sprouts poppy wreaths from strange, far away places.

The book is well told and the author uses numerous first-hand accounts of the soldiers, from both sides, who fought during this campaign. Damn good read so far, highly recommended A fabulous story written by a historian who could write. After reading Carlyon’s well written well researched no punches pulled account I was dramatically moved by the horrors of war and I honestly thought I I picked this book up on a whim, I carljon bored and I had a weekend to myself and I needed something to do.

Retrieved 8 June A definite must read for The conceit and self-complacency of the red feather men are gal,ipoli only by their incapacity. Were I to become the Prime Minister of New zealand I would move to award the VC to Malone posthumously,on the th galljpoli of that great action of capturing those heights, even if for such a painfully short time.

The politicians were hardly better but that A fabulous story written by a historian who could write. Pulling off the landing of nearly 80, troops at night by the end of April was quite an accomplishment. Australia is only 14 years old in and it was the first big thing it did. There were to be three new fronts, two on the left of Anzac and one at Sulva, plus diversions at Anzac and Helles. What do I care for casualties? That’s carluon I came to this book. Makes the battle come alive. However, he lets them off in a sense by attributing their failure mostly to a lack of understanding galipoli the nature of warfare in the 20th century.