Leptospirosis cases on the rise in Kerala In the wake of Leptospirosis out break after the floods, there is huge rush at the laboratory at. Flood-hit Kerala is now facing the aftermath of the natural disaster. It is currently hit with leptospirosis or rat fever, which is a bacterial infection. In Kerala, a leptospirosis alert has been issued after the floods. Well, by taking certain precautions, you can safeguard yourself.

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Health authorities also marked out leptsopirosis sites within hospitals to isolate and treat leptospirosis patients. Accordingly, any person presenting with fever and myalgia and should be given presumptive treatment with doxycycline, mg twice a day for seven days.

Rat fever: In Kerala, leptospirosis spread faster than the health department’s warnings after flood

Ensure that you do not smoke, drink or eat anything while handling any animals. With suspected leptospirosis rat fever cases and 71 confirmed reported from different parts of the state on Monday, the disease continues to be unabated.

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Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection which has symptoms similar to flu.

Follow us facebook twitter instagram youtube. One of the problems in the clinical scenario is that leptospirosis has a wide spectrum of symptoms which may mimic the clinical symptoms of tropical diseases like dengue, H1N1 or Scrub typhus and hence the diagnosis of an acute undifferentiated febrile illness could be very difficult.

When they handed out the prophylactic drug doxycycline to groups of flood-affected people, they may not have clearly communicated the exact doses required for individuals — adults, adolescents and children. While at most times, private hospitals sometimes hesitate to report deaths due to infections fearing that they might be blamed for poor treatment, they have been more proactive in reporting cases in the aftermath of the floods.

Dr Jayashree further clarified that the risk of acquiring leptospirosis can be greatly reduced by avoiding wading into water which may have been contaminated by infected animals.

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In Kerala, leptospirosis spread faster than the health department’s warnings after floods

It is transmitted either through direct contact with body fluids, usually the urine, of an infected animal, or through contact with soil or water which has been contaminated with infected urine. Doxycycline is a prophylactic medicine used to prevent the incidence and spread of leptospirosis. A person is likely to catch leptospirosis when around soil or water in which an infected animal has peed. Please Email the Editor.

Increase in leptospirosis cases in Kerala after floods, alert issued for 5 districts

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that is transmitted from animals — in this case rats — to humans. Hospitals have also played an important in reporting leptospirosis cases and deaths, which enables authorities to better leptoospirosis disease control measures.

Keep away from wild rats specifically. Four die of leptospirosis in Kozhikode.

Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Featured Today In Travel. Also, try avoiding food that has come into contact with infected animals. But these are not widely available. With inputs from Sreedevi Jayaraj.

There is always an increased threat of the disease after floods as urine of infected rats and other rodents contaminate water and the Leptospira bacteria can pass on to humans who come in contact with the water. The animals may never show symptoms, but they are carriers. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that spreads through the urine of infected animals. We aim to leptsopirosis the world discover great products made by small enterprises.

Kerala Floods:Leptospirosis Alert Sounded; 5 Ways to Stay Safe – The Better India

Be mindful of the food and water you consume. Any fever with myalgia to be taken as Leptospirosis and to be treated accordingly until further orders. This article is closed for comments. These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not have predictable income and growth 3.

All of them had indirect contact with flood water. If you do have the disease, the doctor will most likely treat it using antibiotics, including penicillin and doxycycline. Speaking to media soon after holding an emergency meeting with health officials in Kozhikode on Monday, Shailaja said that the government has issued directions to doctors of all government and private hospitals to provide treatment to patients approaching with symptoms of the diseases.


Since Kerala is recovering from floods, this may be difficult and puts you at increased risk. Rats and other rodents are the main carriers of leptospirosis. The disease can affect both humans and animals. Sadly, poor compliance with health advisories issued by the Health Department has been leading to unnecessary loss of lives due to leptospirosis in the State.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Antibiotics are usually taken for treatment of leptospirosis. This is the reason why the disease is also known as rat fever.

The directorate has since issued specific guidance for prophylactic doses and treatment options. The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. It is a disease that is easily preventable and curable when detected and treated early.

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It is currently hit with leptospirosis or rat fever, which is a bacterial infection which spreads through the urine of infected animals. Total number of leptospirosis-related deaths rose to 19 with the reporting of one confirmed and one suspected death on Monday.

Health authorities made efforts to prevent outbreaks by providing prophylactic drugs in flood-affected areas. City 7 killed as fire breaks out in Mumbai high-rise While pulmonary haemorrhagic presentation is not new, the sudden spike in the number of cases with this complication is worrying.

When Maradona stole the limelight at the World Cup two decades after retirement Bollywood in However, grassroots health workers and volunteers engaged in rescue efforts on the ground may not have understood the seriousness of the threat of leptospirosis.

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