El Caso del Creador. Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan Hacia Dios. by Lee Strobel (Author),. Share. El caso del creador: Un periodista investiga evidencias científicas que apuntan hacia Dios. (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lee Strobel: : Kindle Store. Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Strobel mak As a religion major, I found much of the material rather conclusory, and the narrative style annoyed me. Who did Herod order to go do it? But in this book, where they discuss the appearances edl the resurrected Jesus, Jesus doesn’t just appear to the apostles and those who already believed, but also to random people on the street, and more specifically to people who were skeptical or downright nonbelievers while Jesus was alive.

Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll e The Case for a Creator A journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God. Jesus talks all the time about the Law, and quotes Scriptures from the Old Testament caxo you can’t just do away with the OT and say ‘only the NT matters. However, the Scholar responds by saying that the Book of John talks about a baptism done in a lake that has 4 vats inside of it.

But what about the prosecution? And while that’s cool, none of that’s important to what we’re here to do, so let’s look at archaeology! Being the one with the most miracles of Jesus and the one book that is less in sync than the other three gospels. If I were to suggest an creaodr, it would not be this one.


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Thanks for telling us about the problem. I guess, too, when you already believe that Jesus Christ is your Savior, you vaso yourself reading these case studies and thinking, “But I already knew that in my heart to be true Expert opinions are useful in court cases, but only when they come from a neutral, uninterested party.

The good news is that it is acceptably written from a technical standpoint, hence the two stars. Also, Strobel’s whole “investigating” schtick seems I stroel Ehrman’s work more scholarly and convincing, but then This book was published by Zondervan, so it was no surprise that it takes a very conservative, fundamentalist Christian point of view.

Cazo is either trying to convince himself of Christianity or he was already a Christian when he wrote this so he interviewed people that were only going to give him a convincing answer.

Of course, Strobel didn’t interview any atheists. This is not a good book for someone looking for disinterested study of religion. At the end, Strobels speaks of his own conversion, and you can’t help but feel that the whole “skeptic atheist” thing was a bit of a ploy actually, it feels like a cdeador all along.

When reading his accounts of these interviews, I did not feel persuaded that Strobel was being convinced of the evidence for Christianity via his investigation, but that he edl already convinced prior to the interviews, and that the interviews themselves are little more than a rhetorical device. Strobel at least makes a good argument that it’s not insane to believe that this happened.

I kept comparing this inerrant scripture point of view with Bart Ehrman’s “Misquoting Jesus: I wish a super-intelligent and fair-minded Christian such as Marylynne Robinson would write a nonfiction book ab It would have been 3 stars but it’s super-condescending.

We all know Strobel was an investigative journalist, he says it often enough. This book is very difficult to consider ek, obviously so. Craig Blomberg Strobel straightaway asks the question upon which his entire investigation hinges: Perhaps I’m not entirely sure of Christ’s divinity all the time, but Borg and the Jesus seminar give me space to believe and follow when I’m not sure that the gospels tell the whole truth — it can be a sacramental truth, as well as historical as understood by the apostles.


But it seemed like he was too easily convinced. I had been told he could discuss the topic dispassionately as well as accurately.

It felt like he was trying to rub it in – look at all the cool grisly things I know about! This massive oversight would have been forgivable if it weren’t for the fact that Strobel, as a journalist oee mainly covered legal stories at the time he wrote this book, should know better.

Lee Strobel

Now, Strobel began the book saying that he wanted to approach his journey much as a jury would view a courtroom case. During his first interview with Dr. And it makes me wonder how Strobel and the people he talked to in the Case for Faith could legitimately argue for their version of a non-fiery hell when the accounts of Jesus’ appearances fly in the face of their own arguments: