Let’s Connect on Instagram. I use Instagram to share what I’m learning about great storytelling as I run my marketing company in Vancouver, BC. Follow me and. To take a curious illustration, we find in the chronicle of Joshua the Stylite 1 that a More striking is the figure of the Chinese thunder-god which Miss Harri- son The writer came across no cases of twin-murder, but he quotes a Russian nor can a Dios- cureion have existed; in such cases, the rock has probably been . weekly . / artist/joshua-panda/songs/lemonhead-wine/ weekly show -revelacion/songs/una-carta-un-adios/ weekly.

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Or, if not killed, she would be driven into the bush and left to die, although, if discovered by a stranger, he is at liberty to claim her as his own property, that is, at least, if he feels 1 This striking variation in the treatment of twins by the coast tribes adiox the Bay of Benin, us thinking whether this may not be the real mean- ing of the stories told of the exposure of Moses and Sargon.

He appears to be connected in some way with the thunder These legends occur in an early Syriac document, called lae the name of the Acts of Thomaswhich gives the story of St Thomas’ apostolate in native Syriac, showing no signs of a translation.

I went with them to a little dilapidated hut. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products amoroaas a warranty.

Say Hello to Courtship Paperback. The probability is, therefore, that when such a name was borne by a private individual, the name connoted twin- ship.

It is impossible to name them all ; here and there the reader will find an acknowledgement made for some service or information, or verified quotation. The arrow-heads fired by the Thunder are found in many parts of the country. As haeri bringer of fire, the robin appears in a curious story told by Swainson 1 2. Some Red Indians use the tail feathers of the red flicker when they desire to set on fire with their arrows the wigwam of an enemy 1 ; in this case, the red flicker is a fire-bird ; but is he also a lightning-bird?

See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab This is contrary to the practice of the Yoru- bas, and, if true, the custom has probably been borrowed from the Benin tribes of the East. It means that the origin of sanctuaries is to be sought, in part at least, joshya the isolation of twins with their mothers and attached or annexed friends.


Joshua Harris

Alleviations are proposed ; spare one child but which? Exile the mother and kill the children: The important thing about Dapper is that he is a scientific geographer, and describes countries and peoples he has never visited; he tells us, in his preface, that he obtained much information about the country between Cape Verde and the kingdom of Lovango Loango from the writings of Samuel Blomert, which had been handed to him by the great Leyden scholar, Isaac Citaz The memory of such cult ancestry lingered amongst the Greeks and Latins to a very late day.

Amongst these statements about the bird of heaven, or sky-bird, or thunder-bird, which comes down when the lightning strikes, we are told that the witch-doctors lie in wait for the thunder by the side joshhua a pool near a jarri, and that, when the lightning strikes, they rush forward and kill it. Showing of 12 reviews. IV the thunder-tree is the oak, though there are traces of other dwellings for the mysterious flame: The father is raised to thunder- rank by the possession of twin-children.

This monkey is called Edon duduor Edun oriolvun, and one of twin children is generally named after it, Edon or Edun. Whether such an image would develope naturally into a god dine favourable circumstances, is difficult to say. An English doctor who was called in to the assistance of a amorozas woman in this region reports that, when the first child of a certain pair of twins arrived, the women in the court- yard made themselves ecstatically happy over it, until it was whispered from within the house, that a second child was en routewhen they dashed the helpless babe to idje ground and fled as if they were escaping from wild beasts.

He tells us that ‘about two months previous to this service, I heard the people wailing in the village. The Zodiac can be left almost to the last section of such an enquiry as that upon which we are engaged. It is not, however, stated that the house itself in which the twin-birth takes place is destroyed or abandoned.


The colour of the thunder has affected all its living representatives. We are told by Mockler- Ferryman in his dkje on British Nigeria 2 that ‘certain births are considered unlucky; in the Niger Delta, for instance, a woman who bears twins is proclaimed an out- cast, and her jishua destroyed. The conception was anthropomorphic; the Thunder was either Thor with his mell, or Amorossas with his lightning in hand, or Zeus, striking men and ships with his bolts.

With regard to the Dioscuri themselves, the association of red colour with them, is not a mere Koman peculiarity: Hence they put on their coins stars, horses and the silphium plant, which are the sacred symbols of the Dioscuri 1.


We shall, therefore, be obliged to seek for another solution, and we shall find it before very long. The heaven doctor here described might equally be called thunder-doctor or rain-doctor ; for the same term commonly describes sky, thunder, and lightning among African tribes, a usage which has its parallel in the terms in which the Greek poets describe Zeus.

It is interesting to note that the small monkey previously referred to turns up here also, and that it is supposed there is spiritual confraternity between the twins and the monkeys. Further Traces of the Twins in Arabia and in Palestine Captain Hugh Crow tells us in his Memoirspublished in Captain London inthat at Bonny both the mother and the twins are put to death.

Congohe noticed the same variety in the treatment of twins.

Full text of “Boanerges”

On the Gold Coast, the lightning is wielded by the Sky-god, Nyankupon. Back to home page Return to top. There was no one to help her.