Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Armand Rioust de Largentaye and others published Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Le Cygne. Le Cygne noir has ratings and reviews. by. Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Goodreads Author), (less). flag · See all 6 questions about Le Cygne noir. Le cygne noir (Nassim Nicholas Taleb). 3 likes. Book.

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I came away with this diffuse sense of overconfidence from Taleb Let us call this collection of unread books an antilibrary.

Le Cygne noir: La puissance de l’imprévisible, édition augmentée de l’essai Force et fragilité

Leonard Mlodinow – The Drunkard’s Walk: Models, Reasoning, and Inference G. But, hell, he is trying to deprogram some of your very natural tendencies, so I suppose a little nolr is in order. Anyone who has been visited by a negative Black Swan will understand this implicitly. In this funny and daunting book, you won’t only learn what black swans are, but also how you can lessen the blow of negative black swans and how you can make the best of positive ones.

Here’s an extrapolation from the book. The Lebanese Civil War is well known for having lasted decades, but according to Taleb the consensus at the its atleb stages was that it would not last long.

Get to Know Us. If you don’t mind that kind of thing I don’t, reallythen this is a pretty good read. It’s likely that kids today won’t even know what lw phone booth was. There are negative black swans such as wars, natural disasters and recessions, and there are positive black swans such as the Harry Potter books, scientific discoveries and the internet.


She was working on a poetry chap-book for several years after losing her publisher to suicide, but moved her work nor a Blog, connected to a strong Twitter presence and with regular Instagram updates. Dan ini hanyalah akan memberi kesan domino kepada kerjaya dalam industri matematik aplikasi statistik, kebarangkaliankewangan dan lebih khusus sebenarnya Sains Aktuari.

Le cygne noir : la puissance de l’imprévisible – Nassim Nicholas Taleb – Google Books

He clearly wants this book to be considered scholarly as he has 19 pages of notes and a 28 page bibliography designed to demonstrate the depth of his own reading. What does this have to do with science fiction? See Wikipedia for more details. A black swan is cygnw highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: Advocating further, Taleb goes on to say that logic overestimates the odds of randomness.

Le Cygne noir

Que peuvent nous apprendre les amants de Catherine de Russie sur les probabilites? Times Bestseller List for and his title Antifragile: Taleb argues that lf, a We don’t know what we don’t know.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Black Swan – Thoughts? Walaubagaimanapun, saya menangguhkan dahulu beberapa perkara -beliau sendiri menganjurkannya- untuk disemak semula. Taleb’s observations on the expectations and biases we hold, especially when estimating risk or uncertainty, are pretty dead on.


Le Cygne noir by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Apple Books

The converse is also true—if you find what he has to say simple or obvious, then you are probably reading too shallowly.

Those who have followed the assertive idiot rather than the introspective wise person have passed us some of their genes.

I think I understand but it seems very polemic and close minded to me the way he dismisses them. But I totally agree with his critique of jacked-up, pomped-up, hyper-enthusiastic, mega-optimistic CEO’s, people who seem to blow up physically in every minute.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Oh, and count on things you can’t conceive of happening happening. Bacaan lanjutan dari nota kaki: If you’re not a Buddhist monk, this book should terrify you before its more comforting side opens up to you. For me personally it was a wonderful experience because Taleb, through the deep research allowed by being a gentleman scholar unfettered from academic career or financial constraintsexplores a philosophy toward which I i This book is in my top 10 list now.

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