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We also found that prolonged pregnancies tend to be more strongly associated with induction of labor, use of oxytocin, presence of meconium, and c-section delivery. Women admitted to the BC with no cervical dilation were more likely to undergo c-section when compared to women with cm. Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar.

According to this study, African or Hispanic ascendance, being single, having less than 12 years of schooling, having a maternal disease, and being admitted at a rural or private hospital are among the factors associated with lower probability of delivering vaginally after a c-section. Does a curator rely on objective research and conditions or are all his actions subjective and emotional? Women who delivered vaginally in their previous pregnancies showed lower prevalence of c-sections, even when their obstetric history included a prior c-section PR 0.

ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Cochrane Database Syst Lauod. Major reasons for c-section were breech presentation, failure to progress, and fetal distress. Time of the day was associated with mode of delivery. These are just a few questions asked by Alexandra Laudo in her experiment exploring our attitudes towards time.

In the present study, the rate of c-sections Centros Independientes de Asistencia al Embarazo y al Parto. What is the function of image creation in contemporary visual arts? Alternatives for logistic regression in cross-sectional studies: Although there are a small number of aij 7,14,16 investigating the results obtained by BCs in Brazil, few of these address the use of c-sections within these centers.


It explains in numerous ways the mechanisms which have been used for centuries in order to measure time, but also allows to experience its passing by e.

The concept of access: The increase in preterm vaginal births was associated with a 2.


In cross-sectional studies, measures of association are presented as odds ratios OR and PRs. Trends in indications for caesarean sections over 7 years in a Welsh district general hospital. In the same period, neonatal mortality decreased from Changing trends in indications for caesarean sections in a tertiary hospital. In this sense, having had a prior c-section may, in conjunction with other factors, influence the decision to deliver vaginally in the current pregnancy.

Instead, they are presented by means of e. To estimate the prevalence of cesarean sections in a birth center of a hospital and identify factors associated.

The independent variables were grouped into four categories: Thus, the aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of c-sections in a BC, and to identify its associated factors. Our study population comprised all births lajdo place within the institution between March and Apriltotaling 2, mothers and their newborns. However, based in our clinical experience, prior c-sections, when associated with other maternal characteristics, such as age greater than 35 years, suspected macrosomia or rupture of membranes, and unfavorable cervix may increase the probability of a c-section indication.

In the literature, there is an intense discussion among epidemiologists as to which measure OR or PR is most appropriate to measure the effects of risk factors.

L’Institut Ramon Llull premiere: Birthweight was also associated with ai of delivery: David Capistrano da Costa Filho. Dabbas M, Al-Sumadi A. Is breech presentation in nulliparous women at term an absolute indication for caesarean section?


Following presentations of the lecture-performance take place with the participation and in collaboration with various creators artists, chefs, dancers, assistants, counsellors, etc.

Those taking place during early hours midnight to 6: Primary c-sections, which, between and accounted for 6. A Brazilian study of three birth cohorts, and from the city of Pelotas, Southern Brazil, showed that c-section rates increased in both public from Aiu one-quarter of women that delivered via c-section underwent surgery less than one hour after admission; most of these women had had repeated two or more laufo c-sections.

Women with meconium-stained the amniotic fluid were also more likely to undergo c-sections compared to those with clear fluid.


Of these, Any abnormalities in the physiological labor process or in fetal vitality are referred to obstetricians. All admissions for acute myocardial infarction and acute coronary disease were included. Similares no Google Citados no Google Scholar. Excessive c-sections are also associated with poor maternal and perinatal outcomes. In Pakistan, a study comparing the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of women undergoing c-sections, either for the first time or after prior c-sections, found an overall rate of Improving access needs a whole systems approach.

However, our results may provide input for improving c-section indication criteria. This study compared the characteristics of hospitalizations in Belo Horizonte in according to type of access.

Studies of the factors associated with c-sections in Brazilian hospitals found that women aged 35 years or older have twice the prevalence of c-sections than women aged under 20 years.