LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 10/ – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. Reset or Update the ED Mini 10/ · Ethernet Disk gives. LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini-Home Edition – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. The default machine name for the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is “EDmini”. mini’s IP address: Obtain Configuration From DHCP Server or Configure Manually.

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File System – Links the physical map of a disc to its logical structure.

How do I manually configure my IP address on the Ethernet Disk mini? | Seagate Support

lwcie One of these FAQs may provide an answer to your specific question. A list of shares will appear. Digital – Discrete information that can be broken down to zero or one bits. Ethernet Disk Mini Home Datasheet.

Ethernet Disk mini-Home Edition

Controller – This is a component or an electronic card referred to in this case as a “controller card” that enables a computer to communicate with or manage certain peripherals. Write down the serial number and keep it in a safe place, because you will need to provide the number in the event you have to call LaCie Technical Support for any reason in regards to the laacie performance. LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 4. Changing The Administrator Password 30 6.

Home Edition or Internet Space after setup.

Ethernet Disk mini 10/100

Firmware – Permanent or semi-permanent instructions and data programmed directly into the circuitry of a programmable read-only memory or an electronically-erasable, programmable read-only memory chip.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Do not use a power supply from another LaCie drive or another manufacturer. Once the Web page opens, you will be prompted to enter a valid user name and password see section 6. Make sure that your drive is not reading or writing and that the activity LED is off before disconnecting the USB cable. CD i Tech Note: This is due to a limitation in Microsoft’s operating system.


If the blue light is flickering or will not turn on, the power supply may be defective. Connecting The External Power Supply for more information. UDP User Datagram Protocol – This is a communications protocol that allows a limited amount of service when messages are exchanged between computers in a network that uses the Internet Protocol IP.

IP Configuration 27 6. Are any LaCie network products compatible with Hipserv? Instead, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the device. For optimal performance, keep the I J name of the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini under 1 6 characters, and do not use characters, such as: LaCie and its suppliers accept no liability for any loss of data during the use of this device, or for any of the problems caused as a result.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini User’s Manual Glossary page 41 Hardware – Physical components of a computer system, including the computer itself edmink peripherals such as printers, modems, mice, etc.

From this window you can see details about your network, software and hardware, while also being able to restart or shutdown your LaCie Ethernet Disk mini. Modifications not authorized by the manufacturer may void the user’s authority to operate this device.

Port, hardware – A connection component SCSI port, for example that enables a microprocessor to communicate with a compatible peripheral. Your LaCie Ethernet Disk mini page 1 2 2. Please refer to the instructions included with the LaCie Rackmount Kit for specific instructions. Reformatting The Disk 28 6. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 1 5 of the FCC Rules.


It may take a few seconds for your laciw to recognize the drive. In Chooser, click the Appleshare icon. IP Address – This is a number either bit for Internet Protocol Version 4, or 1 bit for Internet Protocol Version 6 that identifies each sender or lcie of information that is sent in packets across the Internet. To disable a service, simply click the Disable button that corresponds to the service which you wish to disable.

Are both ends of manyal interface cable firmly attached? Initial install for Ethernet Disk Mini: Package Contents 9 2.

If your manual does not reflect the configurations of the product that you purchased, please check our Web site for the most current version available.

Did you follow the correct installation steps for the specific interface? Getting Connected 15 4. Add A New User 30 6.

Ethernet Disk mini lavie. The default name is “EDmini,” but you may modify the name. Connecting The External Power Supply 14 4. If you have asked yourself all of the pertinent questions in the troubleshooting checklist, and you still can’t get your LaCie drive to work properly, contact us via the provided Web link.

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