Home Ray Kurzweil La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos transcendamos la biología: Ray. Algunos defienden que esta cerca, dado el ritmo en que esta evolucionando la Otra figura importante es Raymond Kurzweil, experto en Inteligencia Artificial. Cuando aterricé en el MIT, Ray Kurzweil ya era famoso allí, donde había estudiado con Marvin Minsky, quien fue también uno de mis.

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Siemens premia a 12 investigadores responsables de haber creado invenciones en Kurzweil notes that computational capacity alone will not create artificial intelligence. The New York Times. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Think of the lowly giraffe, for instance, whose brain is obviously far below the level required for self-understanding—yet it is remarkably similar to our kurzweik.

La Singularidad está más cerca

Kurzweil looks at several different estimates of how much computational capacity is in the brain and settles on 10 16 calculations per second and 10 13 bits of memory. Los Especiales de ComputerWorld en When Humans Transcend Biology is a non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Paul Davies wrote in Kurzwril that The Singularity is Near is a “breathless romp across the outer reaches of technological possibility” while warning that the “exhilarating sinuglaridad is great fun to read, but needs to be taken with a huge dose of salt. The movie was released generally on July 20, The Singularity is also the point at which machines intelligence and humans would merge.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Como parte de esas conversaciones informales en Chicago, Ray y Peter comenzaron a idear Singularity University. Kurzweil describes his law of accelerating returns which predicts an exponential increase in technologies like computersgeneticsnanotechnologyrobotics and artificial intelligence.

The Singularity is Near Quotes by Ray Kurzweil(page 3 of 5)

Once the Singularity has been reached, Kurzweil says that machine intelligence will be infinitely more powerful than all human intelligence combined. The happy part, you mean?

As one paradigm levels off, pressure builds to find or develop a new paradigm. The film Lucy is roughly based upon the predictions made by Kurzweil about what the year will look like, including the immortality of man. Anthony Doerr in The Boston Globe wrote “Kurzweil’s book is surprisingly elaborate, smart, and persuasive. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

During the Singularity, Kurzweil predicts that “human life will be irreversibly transformed” [30] and that humans will transcend the “limitations of our biological bodies and brain”. Which I suppose will be you? Beyond reverse engineering the brain in order to understand and emulate it, Kurzweil introduces the idea of “uploading” a specific brain with every mental process intact, to be instantiated on a “suitably powerful computational substrate”.


Kirzweil acknowledges that someday we will fully understand the brain, just not on Kurzweil’s timetable. En septiembre de organizaremos el Festival RAAD con Ray Kurzweil, y muchos otros expertos en longevidad y rejuvenecimiento, entre otros temas.

La Singularidad está más cerca | Actualidad | RED CW

Predictions made by Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil writes that by a supercomputer will have the computational capacity to emulate human intelligence [39] and “by around ” this same capacity will be available “for one thousand dollars”.

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Kurzweil spells out the date very clearly: The Singularity is Near. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since Kurzweil believes computational capacity will continue to grow exponentially long after Moore’s Law ends it will eventually rival the raw computing power of the human brain.

Exponential growth is deceptive, nearly flat at first until it hits what Kurzweil calls “the knee in the curve” then rises almost vertically.

Kurzweil claims once nonbiological intelligence predominates the nature of human life will be radically altered: