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This truth, which is banal enough, unravels time and the face, holds up a mirror to me nuiit which I cannot see myself without being overcome by a profound sadness that undermines one’s whole being.

L’enfant de sable / La nuit sacrée

To be a man is an illusion and a violence which everything justifies and prioritises. His creations are the intersection of tales, legends, Moroccan rituals and ancestral myths. Orientalism by way of street harassment, mediated by a transgender narrator and ultimately filtered through tahr gaze of a male author? Published December 1st by Seuil first published But the book was way too lyrical for my tahaf.

To go out, to be jostled, nujt be in a crowd and feel a man’s hand awkwardly fondling my ass…for a lot of women it’s extremely unwelcome. We shall have aged by a night, a long, heavy night, a half-century, and a few white pages scattered in the white marble courtyard of our house of memories. Mar 06, Catherine rated it it was amazing.

Ben Jelloun’s prose, always very poetic, starts to come apart, to fly off into something much more uncertain and metaphorical.

And then the father dies and Ahmed is the head of the household; then he nuir to get married to a very specific girl his jelloyn and seizure-prone cousin for the authorial purpose of contrasting the twosome now “husband” and wife. Ben Jelloun will take you off somewhere; you might not want to go, but he’ll take you anyway, and then drop you, miles from where you started, looking around in an unfamiliar landscape, full of new and strange ideas.


God or fate has thwarted him, humiliated him.

About Tahar Ben Jelloun. I kept having the nagging sense that there was stuff referred to about which I was totally ignorant and so I couldn’t pick up the allusions, be they cultural or historical or religious. Als Gegengift brauche ich dringend ein Buch einer marokkanischen Frau. He even recognizes his conflict by stating that he knew he lived in the illusion of another body. The main story is simple enough and then again, it never really is ; it is about a girl who is born to be raised as a man.

This is a deeply strange book well beyond its unusual initial premise, that of an Islamic Moroccan girl raised as a boy to thwart sexist inheritance law. But first I should outline the core around which the novel is built. In the end, the character is even driven from his inside because his existential crisis cannot allow the presence of two consciousness when he possesses one body.

La Nuit De Terreur Tahar Ben Jelloun 2020347105

This book was challenging and beautiful. It is flattened beneath the weight of that immense sadness which few people have the privilege of knowing. A weak story about storytelling, this story started out with a gripping premise and just falls apart.

The balance between power and powerle I loved this book.

La Nuit Sacree – Tahar Ben Jelloun | eBay

It’s hard to know who is who, and what is supposed to be taken seriously, which version of the truth we are expected to approve.

I wouldn’t turn round to see which face was attached to the hand. Are they even a central character anymore? To be a man is an illusion, an act of violence jslloun requires no justification.

Ben Jelloun tahhar takes the easy route when playing with these ideas. They provide three possible endings along with commentary and analysis, including many frank statements that Islam punishes women and that their society is hypocritical about gender and sex. This bewildering, hallucinatory book begins with the fairytale-like story of an eighth daughter who is raised by her father as the male heir he never had. A light touch, that would not belie the eroticism of this people.


It is the reconstruction of an instable and ephemeral osmosis of a sand child that was robbed of his taar to exist. I hated this book.

This last underscores the fascination and frustration of the novel, as any true human element and narrative cohesion is lost to bn a somewhat arch and removed postmodern house of stairs. While he is aware of his ambiguous identity he is still unable to understand the enigma that constitutes his existence. He welcomes his circumstance at first, but as jellkun grows older its burden begins to weigh on him.

I never give ratings this low, and I hate to do that, but honestly, it felt like the author was laa with the concept of non-consensual gender re-assignment and then just wrote an entire book about someone spiraling out of control because of it. What happens to this boy Ahmed throughout its childhood, adolescence and adulthood? He has absorbed what seems to be a fundamental lesson: She speaks about her tormenting conscience – but Ben Jelloun does not take this hint at feminist solidarity?

You can see that there’s a lot to think about in this small book. Want to Read saving…. Almost nothing happened in this book. Refresh and try again. The fact that Ben Jelloun has so many paths for his story connects to how at its core lies a deep existential puzzle – in what ways are we indivisible from our bodies and in what ways are we not?

A story is like a house, an old house, with different levels, rooms, corridors, doors and windows. Dennoch mag ich ihm keine ganzen 3 Sterne geben.

This is where the social critique of women’s subservience and domination comes into play though at the same time some believe that he is actually blaming them for their own difficulties and placement in society, yet that is a bit harsh.