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And quite often, the better one of the pair isn’t the one that ends up becoming famous. Though the intentions are not to divide people into segments and groups, that’s what ends up happening. I am finding it hard to put into words the vast range of emotions I experienced whilst reading this little tale of hope, perseverance, truth and humanity. They didn’t consider that perhaps leaving the story intact and waiting for the children to mature before handing them this story was a kwixty route.

He obtained a B. Flowers for Algernon also provides great insights into human behavior and nature. This was written over 50 years ago now, but strangely it doesn’t feel like it’s aged at all. Charlie is excited and optimistic, despite the scientists’ caution, “You know Charlie we are not shure how this experamint will werk on pepul because we only tried it up to now on animils. She never believes that a disability makes anyone a lesser human, but takes genuine satisfaction from helping people.

A good action scene on a distant planet only takes my enjoyment so far and the books I have enjoyed most from this genre tend to be the softer, more humanity-focused stories. Even though Charlie’s intelligence grows to beyond that of a normal human, he is emotionally still very much a child and has to learn the things other people learned long ago. Strauss has always been concerned with his psychological health, but Charlie feels that Nemur treats him like just another lab animal.

Is this because he does not want to accept that he was once like them and may soon kwiiaty like them again? Nazis decided to give a ‘merciful death’ to all mental patients and called it Euthanasia. Alice recognises that he needs to develop and experience moral quandries for himself, and tells him to trust his heart. I never even knowed I had that. Load 2 kdiaty questions. Q he learns he is still emotionally stunted, he can’t always manage his emotions in a rational way and many discoveries with algernna into hi A powerfully sad heartbreaking story about a simple minded man with a significantly low I.


View all 6 comments. View all 8 comments. It was the first time he sent me an emotional message about a book so with his permission, I will paste here most of his words: He was incapable of keeping small secrets.

Kwiaty dla Algernona – Polish-English Dictionary – Glosbe

Our humanity isn’t fla measure of our intelligence, but rather whether or not we can remember flowers for Algernon. I loved the way the book is written, as journal entries of an adult retard which is the subject of an experiment that makes him smart a lot smarter.

He said I had algernoa good motor-vation. I dont know what it is or where I got it but he said Algernon had it too.

Let me know in the comments. The realisation that what he thought of as shared jokes are taunts, and that he is a laughing stock, is very hurtful to him.

Professor Nemur termed his prior existence as being “nature’s mistake” and went further to say that “Charlie Gordon did not really exist before this experiment.

They are kind to him and welcome him back. But somehow I prefer Disch’s ambitious failure to Keyes’s easy success. So thought-provoking and almost emotionally overwhelming, I really felt this novel speaking to me about love, humanity, and our purpose and place in the world.

These questions are tackled throughout the book and make for great reading. These are the sort of SF books that I would recommend to those who look down on the genre. Why have I never read this before? Beth Rowell No, not hugely. Kwiatj Intelligence Are there any qualities that should make a man consider himself superior from akgernona humans? Videos About This Book.

View all 7 comments. And the subject is more tricky than you think. Charlie believes animals have a right to food and water and sees it wrong to make Algernon the mouse work for his food, but …more No, not hugely.

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He doesn’t understand what is happening when his body becomes sexually responsive to a woman and he often doesn’t understand why people say one thing but mean something completely different. A good action scene on a distant planet only takes my enjoyment so far and the books I have enjoyed most from this genre t I am finding it hard to put into words the vast range of emotions I experienced whilst reading this little tale of hope, perseverance, truth and humanity.

He catches Algernon and flees back to New York with Algernon, intent on getting his own apartment, where the scientists cannot find him. Quotes from Flowers for Algernon. It’s a great comparison and contrast to difference aspects of life and humanity. Does he want to? But the c I first came across Flowers For Algernon as a short story in a science fiction anthology many years ago. There is much in the book which explores the apparent conflict between the intellect and the emotion.

Flowers for Algernon

I love sharing my love of books with my dad and I am emotional each time he loves one of the books i recommend. His writing is ful of bad grammar and spelling mistakes. When Charlie Gordon, a mentally disabled man, undergoes an experiment to increase his intelligence, his life changes in ways he never imagined.

They’re people – and afraid the rest of the world will find out. Personally, this was a very powerful book for me. This is, in part, a sharp rebuke of the way that the mentally retarded are treated, but there are also interesting explorations of identity, friendship, and the results of revisiting one’s past.

Don’t you think he would have a higher IQ if some other qualities were also included in tests? One of the things that I found to be most powerful was the way the narrator changed his view of others after becoming more intelligent and the way others changed their attitude towards him.