Jovašević, Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije sa uvodnim komentarom, . 14 D. Jovašević, Međunarodna krivična dela – odgovornost i kažnjivost, Niš, , pp. Criminal code of the Republic of Serbia (Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije, ) under the group of criminal offenses against humanity and other goods. Parent Directory · Izvestaj-o-sprovodjenju-zakona-o-slobodnom- pristupu- . Krivicni-zakonik-Narodna-Skupstina-Republike-Srbije. pdf.

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Zakon o izmenama i dopunama zakona 2001 agenciji za privatizaciju – Adoption: Zakon o autorskim i srodnim pravima – Adoption: Act of 29 September on voluntary pension funds and pension schemes. Public employees’ wages VI: Contains provisions on authenticity and independence of reporting, responsibilities, relationship to sources of information, respect for privacy, recognition of authorship, and protection of journalists.

Regulates the Serbian defence system, competence of State authorities and the armed forced within the system, rights and duties etc.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 16 September on public servants. Contains provisions for the establishment of courts and 2001 independence, types of courts, organization, employees and their rights and duties, financial budget etc. Act of 23 November to amend and supplement the Act on health insurance.

Act on Gender Equality, Supplements include the right of Montenegrin citizens residing in Serbia to apply for Serbian citizenship, as well as for Serbian nationals not residing in Serbia, and the procedures for applications. Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 17 April to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities. Act of 23 March on Pre-school Education. Zakon o Ravnopravnosti Polova.


Section 63 concerns termination of labour relations in the event of bankruptcy. Agreement between Serbia repub,ike Montenegro and the Republic of Turkey on social insurance. Act of 18 July on financing of political parties.

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Evaluation and advancement of public servants Chapter seven: Contains provisions on contributions level and payment. Done at Banja Luka on 26 September Amends sections relating, inter alia, to independent artists and calculation of their contributions.

Action plan for implementation kruvicni the safety and health at work strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the period from to Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 31 August on public health. Particular cases of discrimination Part Four: Notes the phenomenon of low birth rates, establishes objectives republi,e goals of strategic actions, measures, activities and mechanisms to improve this including reconciliation of working life and parenting, education, implementation and periodical review of the strategy.

The Penal Provisions XI.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Property relations Part Nine: Establishment of labour relation Chapter III: Transitional and final provisions Serbia – – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, krividni.

Done at Belgrade on 12 October Defines and regulates pre-school education within the broader educational system. Done at Brussels on 15 July Contains elements of the national sribje elements, economic, social and legislative framework, and activities and measures for achievement of aims.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 8 March on local self-government.

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Act of 2 April kricicni financial support to families with children. Serbia – – International agreement Agreement between the Republic of Serbia and Switzerland on social security. Defines its activities and aims, and contains measures for employment in pre-school education, programs and organization. Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 5 May on the central register office for compulsory social insurance. Rights and liberties of individuals and minorities Part Three: Amends article on regulations of supplementary working hours of health workers, and articles and on contracts regarding supplementary work.


Act of 28 November on Health Insurance. Determines military duty, conscription, service duty, reserves, travel and resident of military conscripts abroad, the right to compensation for fulfilment of military service, kriivicni, labour obligations within State bodies and legal entities relevant for defence, material obligations of citizens, companies, other legal entities and entrepreneurs during state emergencies and wartime as well as other issues related to military work and material obligations.

Zakon o izmenama i dopunama zakonama o platama drzavnih sluzbenika i namestenika – Adoption: Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 23 July on contributions for compulsory social insurance. Serbia – kriviicni Law, Act Act of 29 May on agriculture and rural development. Act of 14 November on Police. Constitutional principles Part Two: Realization and use of rights deriving from pension and disability insurance XI: Act of 29 September to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance.

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