The Korg Toneworks dl Dynamic Echo is in excellent condition and perfect working order. The dl Dynamic Echo provides the kind of features and. Anyone got any experience with one of these? ?itemTitle=korgdl&itemNumber=KOR I need a. i found one NOS and the guy will let me name my price. looks interesting. the reviews are all over the place. Any users here? The predelay.

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RonsonicDec 2, PolynitroDec 2, The ducking is a great feature.

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Login or Sign Up. Couldn’t find anything with that info about it?

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Advertise okrg the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Let us know what you think 301vl it if you do pick it up. They have a lot of features and that alone was enough to make me nervous enough to get a backup. Korg will not help with parts for these, too old. The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. Help FAQs Go to top.


Korg dl | The Gear Page

There is also a switch that switches between Hi-fi and Lo-fi 301dk, which comes into play depending on whether or not you use humbuckers or single-coil pickups. Home Forums Recent Posts.

Even though the spare still works, I have moved on to try other delays. AgitatorDec 3, Takes some getting used to.

I like it for the fattening type delays for leads and such, or for moving fills 30dl into the mix. I was surprised later to find that other people had reported oorg good experiences with this pedal. Dec 2, The dl is a nice delay with some interesting features and a few weak spots.

Log in or Sign up. There are also no MIDI capabilities and there is no way to rack mount this pedal. A standard ma pedal power or fuel tank socket may not power it reliably. Dec 3, Dec 2, 5. There are times when I love the tone that I get out of it A nice, wet delay, not one that is marred by excessive 310dl, or one that sounds too huge.


I used one for years.

If you go through kotg the purchase I can explain how it works. I don’t remember it being noisy at all. They have a reputation of breaking. Dec 2, 2.

Downloads | ToneWorks dl – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

But they are cool. It’s calling my name BmoreTeleDec 2, Feb 17, Not true bypass but has an acceptable if not magnificent buffer. Has a hi-lo switch to pad the input depending on the signal strength.

Very under-rated pedal, Sei.

In a band setting that nuance mostly goes away. However, that’s exactly what I need to do in order to even remotely 301dp this thing.

The hi-cut knob really makes it a versatile pedal.