@property (nonatomic, kopiera, skrivskyddad) NSString * titel, * artist, * genre, * coverUrl, * år; – (Id) initWithTitle: (NSString *) titel artist: (NSString *) artist. NFC Tools is an app which allows you to read, write and program tasks on your NFC tags and other RFID compatible chips. All you need to do is get your device . Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc You can use this app to associate multiple.

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But the NFC Tools app goes further and allows you to program tasks on your NFC tags in order to automate actions that were once boringly repetitive.

Re: [sv-users] Calc – tabell / tabellmall

You started the spinner when downloading the image, but you haven’t implemented the logic to stop the spinner once the image is downloaded.

This adds selfwhich is the current class, as an observer for the image property of coverImage. When the view is found, send the delegate the horizontalScroller: CGRectMake 5, 5, frame. Make your life easier with more than tasks available and infinite combinations. Add the following code to the end of saveCurrentState in ViewController.

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Quite practical, isn’t it? First, you need to declare that Album can be archived by conforming to the NSCoding protocol. If the current view index is less than 0, meaning that no view was currently selected, then the first album in the list is displayed.

How to Use the Command Pattern Before you get into the invocation of actions, you need to set up the framework for undoing actions. To do this, add the following code above the interface line: The objects involved don’t need to know about one another — thus skrrivskyddad a decoupled design.


Since HorizontalScroller uses a UIScrollView to scroll the album covers, it needs to skirvskyddad of user events such as when a user skrivskyfdad scrolling. You can even kopiea from the Internet and your app will work flawlessly. To do that, you’ll need to add a way to download images. You also need to unregister as an observer when you’re done. The scroll view completely fills the HorizontalScroller. You’ll also want to save the album data every time the app goes into the background. Finally, add the method for the undo action: Build your project to make sure everything compiles properly.

Finally, this piece of code sets the scroll view to center the initial view defined by the delegate. This is a great way to make sure the app experience remains personal and resumable.

Eller ta en global konfiguration hanterare klass: However, there are a few things to consider first: And that’s where the Observer pattern comes in. BlueLibrary-final There are two other design patterns that didn’t make skruvskyddad way into the app, but are important to mention: The NSInvocation needs to know three things: Replace the contents of HorizontalScroller.

You can read more about Target-Action in Apple’s documentation but Invocation uses the NSInvocation class which contains a target object, a method selector and some parameters.

Browse through the code you’ve just written; you’ll see there’s not one single mention of the Album or AlbumView classes. Add the following code to the beginning of viewDidLoad: In the new code, NSKeyedUnarchiver loads the album data from the file, if it exists.

You execute reload when your data has changed. To detect that the user finished dragging inside the scroll view, you must add the following UIScrollViewDelegate methods:. Before you get into the invocation of actions, you need to skrivsskyddad up the framework for undoing actions.


Get the album to delete. The compiler will ignore this line but if you drop down the list of methods in skrviskyddad current file via Xcode’s jump bar, you’ll see a separator and a bold title for the directive. Apple has implemented this pattern using the Target-Action mechanism and Invocation.

You don’t want to mix view logic with communication logic. It’s simple, yet powerful.

For example, if you later created a Movie class with different properties, the saving and loading of that data would require new code. Build and run your app to test out your undo mechanism, delete an album or two and hit the Undo button to see it in action: If you look at PersistencyManager ‘s inityou’ll notice the album data skrivskuddad hardcoded and recreated every time PersistencyManager is created.

[sv-users] Calc – tabell / tabellmall

That’s exactly why Apple created the Archiving mechanism. Hitta interface NSStringoch du kommer att se definitionen av klass tillsammans med tre kategorier: This method loads album skrivskydfad via LibraryAPI and then sets the currently displayed view based on the current value of the current view index. Since the scroll view will display covers for all the album data, the count is the number of album records.

Build and run your app to test out your undo mechanism, delete an album or two and hit the Undo button to see it in action:.