Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. RM Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. sa Kultura at Panitikang Popular. Choose a template. Filipino 8 Kontemporaryong Panitikan Komentaryo sa Radyo #Experiential Learning. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kontemporaryong Panitikan. 1 like. Concentration or Major. Posts about Kontemporaryong Panitikan. There are no stories.

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Likewise, entrepreneurship is introduced. Students undergo skill training in all beauty shop procedures and are required to maintain high standards of work in order to attract and retain patrons. Download 40 Items and Above. Specifically, the subject covers the basic commands on creating, saving, closing, and opening existing drawings are also basic computer operations namely, basic mouse operation, using windows based kontemporaryohg software and operating system.

College of Teacher Education

Moreover, the course gives emphasis on creative hairstyling to suit hair arrangement to personality, age, and attire worn. English 13 — Intro to Mass Communication and Campus Journalism This study provides the students with basic concepts of mass communication, particularly journalism. It is the study of the qualitative method in food preparation under controlled conditions as affected by temperature, attitude, preparation and manipulation of standardization of recipes and research in food preparation.

The College Dean will have to approve the request and the Office of the Registrar be notified and given a copy of the letter of request for record purposes. The course is also focus on circuit function rather than the circuit element themselves so that the block diagram become the understanding of the system. Techno 5 – Architectural and Structural Details.

College of Teacher Education

Graduation Requirement No student will be recommended for graduation unless he has complied with all the requirements prescribed for graduation. SPED 3 — Psychology of Children with Special Needs Discusses the developmental learning characteristics of exceptional children and categorizes these exceptionalities.


Techno 7 – Digital Electronics This course deals with the study of clocks, R. SPED 5 — Observational Child Study 2 Allows students to acquire more competence in observing and recording observations of psychological behaviors of children with special needs.

Certificate of Good Moral Character c. Education 13 — The Teaching Profession This course deals with the teacher as an individual, classroom teacher, community teacher and global teacher. Training starts with the panihikan needle power machines and is followed by special machines, which are available in school and in the garments industry.

Mathematics 20 — Vectors This course deals with vectors which includes vectors algebra, dot and cross products, matrices and determinants, vectors calculus and coordinate transformations. Mathematics 16 — Differential Calculus This course covers theory of limits, derivations and applications of elementary formulas of differentiation, maxima and minima, rates, curvatures and application to problems.

KONTEMPORARYONG by ErlynMil Calejesan on Prezi

Techno 7 – Philippine Electronics Code PEC This course deals with the basic materials, quality and electrical work standards for the used of electricity for light, heat, power, communication signaling and other purposes.

Clearance should be accomplished before Honorable Dismissal is issued. Kontemporargong intends to train students in the operation of portable wood working machines to cut, shape and assemble parts.

It also includes the study of the history of automobile, job opportunities in Automobile industry, metals and their uses and properties and fundamentals of Engine Operation. It would also enable them to deal critically and conscientiously with present issues and problems confronting the Philippine society. It provide a manipulative experiences to student particularly in handling care used of electronic hand tools, power tools, soldering, job designing and other related jobs.

It starts with the fundamental concepts and principles of economics and proceeds to the investigation of the Philippine financial system, fiscal policy, and the determination of our national income.

Those who had completed all the requirements of kobtemporaryong curriculum but did not comply for, nor were granted the corresponding degree or title shall have their graduation approved as of the date they should have originally graduated. The Dean shall deal within these on their individual merits. English 21 — Preparation of Instructional materials in English This course equips prospective teachers with skills to develop, prepare, elect, and evaluate various types of instructional materials in teaching English and in achieving language objectives paniti,an English classes.


Specifically, this is designed to enhance the aesthetic presentation of foods by using carved fruits and vegetables as garnishes.

Math 25 — Problem Solving This course aims to provide students with holistic experience of mathematical problem solving and investigations. Biological Science 3 — Cell Biology An introductory course that deals mainly with the structure and function of the different components of the cell. This course also covers the preparation and presentation of Filipino and other foreign dishes, involving both western and eastern cuisine.

Practicum activities on the economic principles and problems involved in planning, students undergo purchasing, storing, preparation, cooking and service of food.

Math 1, Math 1a The course deals with the study of exponential and logarithmic functions radicals, powers and roots, equations and inequalities. The Guidance office shall call the student immediately and notify his parents. It gives the essential knowledge and understanding of the principles, theories of stresses, design of stairs, technical terms, job specifications, materials, planning and estimating.

Home Economics and Livelihood Education This course focuses on productivity and gainful occupations to augment income. It accents key concepts about cell structures and function, metabolic processes like photosynthesis and respiration, plant and animal forms, structures, human genetics and the mechanisms of evolutionary history of biological diversity.

Practice Teaching This course gives the students the chance to experience life in actual classroom work.