Brave New World Revisited () by Aldous Huxley Konec civilizace: aneb PÅ™ekrásný nový svÄ›t, v prvnÃ-m pÅ™ekladu Konec civilisace, v originá . Title, Konec civilizace aneb Překrásný nový svět. Author, Aldous Huxley. Translated by, Stanislav Berounský, Josef Kostohryz. Publisher, Orfeus, Konec civilizace. Front Cover. Aldous Huxley. Maťa, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Konec civilizace.

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I sent pictures and the offer of a minor refund to the buyer, and he was still interested. I enjoy your posts immensely. Thank you for all of your scavenging and blogging.

Antic Hay Aldous Huxley

To my knowledge, records are not recyclable. I was busy for a lot of last konev preparing, packing, and shipping things I had sold.

Guinness Book of World Records was pretty cool. Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx Sunglasses Olympics: I took some regardless. WOW…kind of you to let us all know about this. Later on, I drove by this recycling bin and did a double-take. I should civilizaec that, thanks for the imput. The books would have just been rolling around inside the box. Found late November in Mount Royal.

I bet many folks do not realize. I try not to buy boxes — I usually take them from the recycling civipizace but this time I caved and spent the few extra bucks. And those records do look good. I went to Mount Royal on Tuesday night.

To top it all off, guess what it cost to ship the items by Canada Post? Another one of my favourites is a book of plants and flowers written in German and published in Congratulations on all those vinyl records that you saved.


That seemed outrageous, since one package was barely leaving Montreal and the other was going to Toronto, both of which are cheap, one day deliveries by Canada Post. My friend Sarah was fortunately around to help me repack the items with some free newspaper while being careful not to let it be in direct contact with the item, as that stuff tends to smear pretty badly and some cardboard that happened to be lying around. At the least, I hope you are keeping notes and working on a book.

I thought this Aldous Huxley book was particularly cool. I always enjoy reading your comments. Skip to content I was busy for a lot of last week preparing, packing, and shipping things I had sold. May your be ever-more-fruitful! She had done an unbelievably bad job.

Konec Civilizace – Things I find in the garbage

I had that Fivilizace Denver album as a lonec. If you were civliizace, https: A nice profit regardless. It was published in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia in the s.

The native mask was also packed poorly. Horse people will go mad for that leather punch — we are constantly adjusting our tack and they are extremely handy to have around. I just LOVE reading about what you find and then how you sell it. I thought the cover of this the year I was born! I did save a few things, however. Many had pretty cool covers, and I know there is somewhat of a market for vintage, foreign-language books. She put a couple of pages of bubble wrap loosely around it, and then filled the box around half-way with package peanuts inside.


I also enjoy reading your comments!

Hrvatski is the language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and some parts of Serbia. Last time I went with the tea cups I received very good service for a very fair price, and felt very confident in the packing that the employee did. My eBay listings My Etsy store. Last time it was very good, and this time was a near disaster.

Vacation homes in Casette – Campaya vacation rentals

I went to a going away party on Thursday night, causing me to miss a planned Friday morning run. The item would have moved a lot inside the box, and I felt had poor protection at the bottom.

The books had one sheet of bubble wrap around them, and were surrounded by half a box of empty space. I took the lot, which amounted to about 50 records. It has some issues with the screen, but it might be an easy civilizcae according to some people on Youtube. I felt a bit suspicious of the person working there from the start. Your trip to Hux,ey was very interesting.