Nicholas Kollerstrom is a Holocaust revisionist or denier and the author of Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. This page contains links to a. have to remember that this was during the cold war; tensions were running high, and we North A Walk to Remember Dear John Nicholas Sparks. Buy Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PH D James H Fetzer from Waterstones today! Click and Collect from your local Waterstones.

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Austria Belgium France Germany. The latter has “Disinfektion” and “Gaskammer” written up in large letters on its walls. Then beraking the group broke up, and I found myself being blamed for this and banned from their web- forum. Maturing with the rain and sunshine, the turquoise hue appeared on both sides, inside and out, indicat- ing that the cyanide gas had soaked right through the walls.

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom Review and Commentary – Malcolm Nicholson

I know what I have been through. See Wiki, “The Noble Lie. So would there be a permanent pall of human- flesh smell, plus stories of cyanide “gas chambers’? He sees no-one being killed. Kollerstrom’s book introduces additional evidence not in Dalton’s book. That is essentially what drew me into the subject, and I still believe it is the best starting-point. Jan 22, Mark rated it did not like it Shelves: Forbidden Science What is the technology of which you cannot be told, where you can get prosecuted for “hate crime” for talking about it?

Nick Kollerstrom: Breaking the Spell of the Holocaust

When a man’s genitals have been s;ell to pieces, when he has been deprived of sleep for sev- eral nights, when threats have been made against his wife and children, what kind of person will thw what he says? Then, when they get to the swimming pool, they should mull over the notice in Hebrew saying it was just a water reservoir. Were the British breaklng hoodwinked by the Nazis, as some historians to this day try to claim—or is the truth both simpler and more shocking?

As an illustration of the depths of depravity of those who would uphold the myth, consider that, as an historian of science, Kollerstrom was invited to contribute three entries — including that on Sir Isaac Newton, which is the most important — to the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomerswhich has more than entries by some authors from 40 countries.

We’ve alluded to the two beraking of Rudolf Hoss’s confession: Advice for Spellbreakers I suggest for Spellbreakers, those who wish to do their bit to unweave the nightmare hallucination, this supreme Sacred Myth of the modern world, that they should focus upon practical details of how the delousing agent was actually routinely used, and publish this in countries where it is This vivid first-hand account was composed inpublished as Se questo e un uomo, “If This Be a Man.


Nicholas Kollerstrom, Breakinv the Spell 65 about to bomb or have just bombed. Initial stories had them in Germany, but because those sites could be visited easily, they were quickly ridiculed into absurdity. For a time in the early s, there was only one non-Jew in the Central Committee of the ruling Hungarian Communist Party. As the cyanide then percolated though breqking walls, sixty years ago, our truth percolates though the solid walls of establishment Denial.

His small team of volunteers runs the CODOH Committee for Open Discussion of the Holocaust website, the world’s primary thr and online library for Revisionist thought and the only one where debate is civil and polite.

The Poles have done their best, compelled by law to be- lieve.

Arrow,acknowledgments page and pp. That drop in numbers is compatible with the figures we are here looking at.

Typhus brfaking dysentery were omnipresent problems, where Zyklon B was applied in copious quantities — but as a disinfestant, not as an agent for bringing about the deaths of millions of inmates. A definition of Holocaust denial could here be relevant.

Breaking the Spell by Nicholas Kollerstrom

Entering Germany after the war, the victorious Allies saw burnt-out cities like lunar landscapes, and German labour camps with their piles of dead bodies. Some five million has been pumped into the prestigious Institute of Education’s new Centre for Holocaust Education, with a net- work of Beacon Schools in Holocaust education set up across the country, brezking them London seminars and trips abroad.

With my training as a science historian, I must give priority to physical- material and breakign documentary kollerztrom, and if you don’t like that, put this book down now! The lever and fulcrum breakihg what Archimedes said he required to move the world – is this simple fact. Not a single diagnosis of death by cyanide poisoning is on record for any German labour camp. That is the crux of the matter.

On the ethically damned Revisionist view – for expressing which one can be jailed in sixteen European nations – the Zyklon was used for what it said on the can, viz. But equally applicable here are the reflections of Imre Lakatos, who discussed research programs with hard cores of claims?

Counting deaths attributed to the Holocaust — apart from the records of the International Committee of the Red Cross — turns out to be an exercise in “fuzzy math”, because none of them add up. But try debating this issue, and you will tend to find it tempered by rage and personal abuse, or with a modera- tor closing the thread. Isis has committed a comparable intellectual crime by tolerating col- lective punishment of scholars for the purported offenses of one.


These okllerstrom small delousing chambers manu- But they do in France: And, as regards the deliberate kolleestrom genocide program of local Palestinian residents, a law has been passed in Israel forbidding pub- lic mention or mourning of the “Al Nakbah,” that is, the ethnic cleansing of slightly under one million Palestinians from their homeland.

Nick Kollerstrom: Breaking the Spell of the Holocaust

Their story has to begin then, because the supply of massive quantities of the Zyklon to the actual gas chambers began exactly then. The various other German labour camps in Poland had after the war no trace remaining of what are alleged to have been human gas chambers. And did we ever hear of that in a German labour camp? The alcohol and the whip were too much for me. That sounds like, why there are no trace of bodies anywhere as remains from the six million gassed.

The mindless persecution of Kollerstrom, and his opponents ‘ inability to answer his arguments convincingly, sug- gests that the story of the Nazi gas chambers cannot withstand critical analysis. Then, when the camp was overrun by the Russians inAnne Frank chose to go westwards with the retreating Nazis rather than eastwards with the Russians.

People were loath to believe that such a thing could have happened – until maybe after Iraq, when we saw how British-American intelligence had fabricated the Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD lie without a tremor of conscience. Could these cya- nide gas chambers be revamped as nightmare killing machines that killed millions with cyanide gas?

It is an emotional black hole in the collective psy- che, the fake nightmare implanted in the mass mind. Then he, groping for words to express the depth of his horror, said, “That’s the kind of stuff that David Irving used to come out with; maybe you need to speak to him.

Okllerstrom deny the danger posed by the Holocaust religion and its fol- lowers is to be complicit in a growing crime against humanity and against every possible human value. Remember that the cremation furnaces were proba- bly next door, so you cannot have an inflammable gas mixture there.

Normally Patrick and I would share liberal-humanist views in which Evil would not be invoked by historians, however this was clearly different.