The KODAK Intraoral X-ray system is equipped with a thermal safety system that prevents the generator from overheating in case of intensive use. Product, Model Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System, Catalog Numbers , , , XR — Carestream Health, Inc. Made in France Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System Performance. Operational ease. Safety. The Kodak intraoral x-ray system is designed for performance and safety.

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Registration Forgot your password? Hi, In case you opened the tubehead to change the ceramic resistance that burned due to high voltage spark, the rectifier diodes or capacitors sysem the multiplier might also be damaged. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

It includes an intuitive control wheel for easy tooth and program selection, and automatically calculates the optimum exposure time and dose settings. Avoid Coding Errors 12 Feb Unsolder the wires connected to internal socket and lift up the tube board carefully.

KODAK 2200 intraoral X-ray system is unveiled

Hinman Dental Meeting, Planmeca USA introduced a certification program designed to encourage dialogue between patients and their dental practitioners on imaging radiation levels. The ceramic resistor is under the tube board. For next procedure for self-calibration: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Using PEEK frameworks for full arch implant supported prosthetics. And with multiple installation configurations available, you can easily adapt the unit to match the needs of your ysstem. The Kodak trademark and trade oodak are used under license from Kodak. If excessive force is applied, then the ceramic resistor will break in pieces! Changes in ABO certification: The soldering on the resistor gets loose and this is the reason why so many of you get error Timer Emitted dose display User Menu – settings customization Technical Menus — Interface with firmware — 2 counters for exposures — Up to 59 management error codes — Calibrated generator parameters Kodak Intraoral X-ray System — New timer.


Just check if it’s ok 13 Kohm and MOhn and solder unplagged wire to it. I forgott to send you my email: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The voltage systdm must be immersed in oil completely, no air bubbles present in oil! Faustinio I am also having KV error and the system beeping. Easy, precise positioning With its stable arm and lightweight nitraoral head, the Kodak system ensures perfect stability during the exam and effortless movement.

Designed for dental professionals seeking ease of use and reliability, it provides high quality results for accurate and safe diagnoses. As a part of its mission to always provide dentists with only the best solutions for improved patient care, ContacEZ continues to refine, improve and expand its product lines to make them safer and more effective than effort. Live Webinar 19 Mar Hello,was there any sparks inside the tubehead untill now?


Kodak Intraoral X-Ray System | Pre-Owned Dental Inc.

December 7, Meeting review: It will give you all error codes with counters. Kldak Searches Flat panel detector Dental imaging software Medical radiology software Cephalometric analysis software Dental software Simulation software Analysis software.

Is it possible if I can use a regular square ceramic resistor 5 watt? Hello, You will receive a link from Hightail to see my K files, Regards.

Hi Faustino, Do you have ceramic resistor 13 Kohm? Equipped with a focal spot of 0. Send me a mail and I will send you a link to view my technical files or give you more information.

Auth with social network: Ad Statistics Times Displayed: Hello, Concerning the HV feddback resistor, I have 3 ceramic high voltage feedback resistors in case of emergency assistance, also have the high voltage block with the xray tube and multiplier, please contact for assistance details.

I opened the tube collect all that oil. You need the K control panel to service the unit.